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Forum Rules

FISTF Discussion Forum

January 12th, 2012

FISTF have decided to open a new web-based discussion forum for the Sports Table Football community at

After some time of considered reflection regarding the questions about the use of such discussion forums on the Internet, FISTF Board of Directors have now decided to open this forum – initially on a provisional basis. In a year’s time, a further review will be made by the FISTF Board in order to reach a definitive conclusion about this brand new Federation initiative.

For this forum, some specific rules have been set, and they will all be applied without exception! These rules are available in several languages for downloading on the FISTF website, or by email if requested.

We already have the following versions available to you: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Greek. Other languages will also be available soon.

FISTF Board asks that everybody use this discussion forum respectfully, and wisely, with well thought-out opinions (that are not solely commercially driven). 

Access to the account after the registration will be available within 24 hours.

Forum Rules

  English/French Version

  English/German Version

  English/Italian Version

  English/Spanish Version

  English/Portuguese Version

  English/Greek Version

  English/Maltese Version

1. Objectives

The "FISTF Discussion Forum" is a place where Sports Table Football players can discuss and share any kind of information about the Sport – always in the spirit of fair-play and friendship. The Forum is Public and therefore readable by anybody that is interested.

2. Registration

To register a User Account that enables players to post in the Forum, it is mandatory to be a FISTF licensed player. Exceptional accounts may also be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

3. Username accounts

No nicknames will be allowed to be used. This means that every individual account must be registered with a username that fully identifies the real user's true identity. Thus, it is mandatory that users must register under the same name as they are known for FISTF Ranking purposes, and also under the same email address referred on FISTF Form 20 (sent to FISTF by the National Associations only).

4. Rules acceptance

When registering an account, the user will accept all the rules of this Forum, and then remain solely responsible for the content of his/her posted messages. This means that any legal action can be taken against offenders – under FISTF disciplinary regulations.

5. Languages

The official language of this Forum is English. The use of another language in a post is also allowed – since the same sentence translated to English is included in the same post by the user. Special forums in other languages could be created by request, and under further specific rules.

6. Unofficial FISTF channel

FISTF Board of Directors will never use this Forum as an official FISTF channel.

Any eventual post made by any FISTF Director will be personal points of view, and will therefore not reflect the official opinion of the FISTF Board of Directors.

7. Moderation

No censorship will be imposed by FISTF. However, no offensive or abusive comments of any kind will be allowed in this forum!

Light moderation will be made by the FISTF Forum Commission in order to enforce that all rules are followed by the users.

8. Rule breaks

When a rule break of the Forum occurs, the user will be publicly notified of the fact and invited to change or remove their post within a maximum period of 24 hours. In case of serious offences an apology from the offender will be also a mandatory requirement.

The post removal will be done by the FISTF Moderator Commission (only in very special cases).

9. Penalties for misuse

In case of disrespect of the notification referred on Rule 8, the user's account will be immediately blocked and some penalties may be imposed, i.e.:

a) Access suspension to the user's account for a period of between 1 and 12 months.

b) On serious cases a report will be sent to the FISTF Disciplinary Council for taking a disciplinary decision against the offender.

10. Appeals

Users that do not agree with a decision taken under Rule 9 are entitled to send an Appeal to the FISTF Disciplinary Council.

Any decision taken by the FISTF Disciplinary Council in the above terms will be deemed valid under FISTF regulations.












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