DSBU – Dansk Subbuteo Bordfodbold Union

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Main contact: Rasmus Fini Lund,


DSBU – Dansk Subbuteo Bordfodbold Union is the governing body of the Table Football in Denmark and itwas founded in 1989.HISTORYD.S.B.U was founded in 1989 by Dennis and Ole Madsen in Silkeborg. The two brothers, then in theirtwenties, had played Subbuto since the game was first sold in Denmark for a short period in the earlyeighties. Now, running their own toy company, Denola Toys, it was obvious for them to present theirchildhood affection to the Danish population, and this time, inspired by a visit at the 1988 EuropeanChampionships in Brussels, not only as a game but as a serious sport. They made an agreement with JensLega, owner of Lega Legekæden (a chain of toy shops), to promote the game through a National Under-15Championship in autumn 1989 with regional qualification rounds played in his shops all over the countryand then a big final tournament in Odense. These events, the first action of D.S.B.U, was a huge successwith several hundreds of youngsters participating. Subbuteo was on everybody’s lips: in March 1990 aNational Senior Championship was held, the first club, Lega Liga Odense, was formed in April, and whenDenmark participated at the 1990 World Cup in Rome, both national television channels covered thetournament.

In 2010 we agreed in Denmark to reorganize the DSBU-board in order to get Danish subbuteo back ontrack. Today we are collaborating more efficiently with our local authorities and in connection to this we arerecruiting new players from a local after school complex in Odense. Our vision is to have more Danish players representing the sport both in Denmark and internationally.Furthermore we believe that these improvements will also lead towards better and larger subbuteotournaments in Denmark. Also national tournaments will take place in the future.Nevertheless we intend to promote subbuteo as much as possible. In Denmark there are many ways ofdoing this. As an example we have a lot of cultural organizations arranging all kinds of sports events.Mostly they also collaborate with the Danish authorities which are known for being very well organized.Most often the authorities also provide initiators with financial support. Among potential collaborators ofDSBU a touring football festival dealing with many types of alternative football has been suggested.

President: Rasmus Fini Lund
Vice-President: Jesper Staal Nielsen
Treasurer: Christian E.D. Christiansen
Marketing: Thomas Petersen

Hinderuplund and Otterup. Both clubs are under Lega Liga, only with school kids.

(Last updated on February 5, 2014)