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Current ATFA Board

President: Benji Batten –
Vice President: Raffaele Lombard –
General Secretary: Peter Thomas –
Treasurer: Eliot Kennedy –
Communication director: Adrian Elmer –

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Plans for Australia

Australia was one of the founding member associations of FISTF in 1993, and after a long hiatus the national association has reformed to grow table football in Australia. The association is undertaking four initiatives to grow participation in table football in Australia during 2014-15
1. In January 2015 an ‘Asian cups’ tournament will be held in Melbourne. This will be a high quality international table football event, and the association would like this event to be sanctioned by FISTF as a grand prix or international open. Participation from players across the Asia-Pacific region, as well as players from Europe has already been confirmed. Work will be undertaken to ensure this event attracts media coverage to help grow the sport in Australia.
2. The association will support a number of regional tournaments in Sydney and Melbourne. It is anticipated that some of the national tournaments will be sanctioned FISTF challenger/satellite tournaments and will be targeted towards players that are new to the sport.
3. The majority of activity is currently concentrated in Sydney and Melbourne, with active clubs in Brisbane, Perth, Kiama and Canberra. The association will make contact with players in other cities and encourage them to participate in existing tournaments, and to organize club and tournament events in their region.
4. The association will continue to develop its existing web presence further by developing a player profile section on its website; provide further information about equipment and its availability; and make it easier to find out where to play table football in Australia. Both the existing website and social media presence of facebook will continue to be updated on a regular basis

Forthcoming events:    Perth FISTF International Open: 27–29 July · Fremantle Town Hall · Fremantle, Western Australia
Melbourne International Open 2018: 19-21 October, Melbourne, Victoria.

(Last update on May 31, 2018)