Dimitrios Mallias wins in Patra

Last Saturday 16 players competed in the Challenger of Patra in Greece! Dimitrios Mallias (Atlas) was the final winner, beating Christos Karouzos (Athinaikos) in the final. Georgios Goutzioulis and Dimosthenis Kalatzis were the semi-finalists. Full results: Challenger – Patra

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A crowded hall in the Open of Athens

During the week-end of February 13 & 14, a FISTF International Open took place in Athens. On saturday 16 teams competed to win the team event and it was another broke, record for organizers. The guys of Falcons TSC defeateds Olympia in the final. proteas and Athinaikos reached the semis. On sunday 80 players competed […]

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Prantsoudies and Hytas are local heroes in Larissa

Last week-end, the Greek club of Larissa was hosting a FISTF Satellite. 23 players were taking part, including guests from other clubs such as SBSC and Falcons. In the end, local start Evrepidis Prantsoudies was the winner, he defeated Christos Pitsaris in the final. Nikolaos Haratsis and Orestis Christopoulos were in the final four. Christos Hytas […]

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The Greek GP for Spyros Hantzaras

During the week-end of November 14 and 15, the Greek Grand Prix was played in Athens. Spyros Hantzaras defeated Lazaros Papakonstantinou in the Open final. Nikos Pappas and the very surprising Georgios Genitsaropoulos were the losing semi-finalists. Panagiotis Haratsis beat Dimitris Stamatopoulos in the veterans final while Giorgos Vlassopoulos beat Iason Dimopoulos in the U15 […]

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Vassilis Koutsompinas wins in Heraklion

On september 25 and 26 the island of Creta was glad to hos a FISTF Satellite with players from several Greek clubs taking part. The final category had some great games and Vassilis Koutsompinas defeated Chris Aggelinas in the Open final (3-0). The semi-finalists were Thanasis Kaolgiros and Serafim Koulosousas. Chris Aggelinas finished on top […]

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Nikos Haratsis wins in Larissa

The Greek season ended in the last week-end of August with the Satellite of Larissa run by Evrepidis Prantsoudies and his clubmates. Prantsoudies was close to make a home win but he lost the final to Nikos Haratsis (Scarlet Batallion) while George Niavis and Thanasis Bartzis made it in the final 4. Christos Hytas won […]

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A good turnout for the Satellite of Patra

In the week-end of July 11 and 12 the Greek association organized a Satellite in Patra. The Open category had 16 entries and Antonis Kastelanos (Olympia) defeated Panos Vasilopoulos (Athinaikos) in the final. Panos Vasilopoulos and Vassilis Angelopoulos lost in the semis. The Veterans were 6 and Dimitris Stamatopoulos (Roligans) won the final against Dimitris […]

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Major of Athens: the Falcons and Hantzaras on top

The 4th Major of the season took place in the last week-end of June in Athens (Greece). Spyros Chatzaras won the Open final, defeating local legend Giorgos Koutis by a short 1-0. Giannis Salamouris and Malta’s Angelo Borg were the Open semi-finalists. Belgium’s Elodie Bertholet wont he Ladies tournament after beating Dionysia Koulosousa in the […]

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Chris Aggelinas wins in Heraklion

This sunday 17 players competed in the Challenger of heraklion in Greece. Besides the 11 players of the local clubs “Blades TSC”, there were some visitors from Athens. In the final, Chris Aggelinas (AS Hennuyer) took the best on Giannis Voulgaris (Proteas). Vaggelis Liolios and Babis Polychronakis reached the semis. Full results: Challenger – Heraklion

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Dimitris Mallias wins in Patra

On saturday, February 28th, the club of Achaioi organised in the city of Patras a challenger tournament. 17 players participated in the open category. Dimitris Mallias was the winner in a final against Alberto Di Maggio. In the under 15 category, Manolis Sotiropoulos beat Vasilis Vasilopoulos in the final (7 players). Results file: Challenger – Patra

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