Andrea Gasparini wins in Osaka

Last sunday Japan was celebrating another big day of table football. This time action was held in Osaka. Among the 7 competitors, there was a special guest, Andrea Gasparini from the USA. Gasparini, who is a member of the Brazilian club Vasco de Gama, was clearly the best player, defeating Suguru Fujino in the final. […]

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Cédric Garnier again!

The Satellite of Yokohama was held on December 30 with 12 players taking part. French player Cédric Garnier was the clear favorite of the day. With no surprise he took the honors after defeating top Japanese player Kenzo Koi in the final (2-1). Karibo Miwa and Suguru Fujino were the other semi-finalists.

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John Ho stops Kenzo Koi’s dream in Yokohama

Last week-end 27 players met in Yokohama to play the first International Open of the season in Japan. Among the competitors, there were visitors from Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States. In the Open category, Andrea Gasparini had no problem to reach the quarter-finals but he later saw how Asian players are improving as […]

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Cédric Garnier did it again

The Grand prix of Japan was held on August 22 and 23 in Yokohama with three foreign players representing France, Belgium and Italy. Cédric Garnier, a Frenchman living in Japan, was the best player in the Open category, defeating Italy’s Giulio Astengo in the final. Astengo later won the veterans section against Belgium’s Stéphane Lambert. […]

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Cédric Garnier does it again in Japan

Last week-end the Open of Kansai attracted 20 players from 6 different japanese clubs but also Rudy Hesty, a special guest from Singapore. Rudy was on fire, winning all games to reach the final but in the end, he couldn’t beat France’s top player Cédric Garnier. The Frenchman won the final 3-0 and won a […]

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Cédric Garnier wins the Yokohama Satellite

Last saturday 16 players attended the Satellite organized in Yokohama, japan. This time Cédric Garnier was not the only Frenchman taking part as his younger brother Benjamin was also playing and former FISTF President Laurent Garnier came as a visitor. Cédric took the honors after beating brother Benjamin in the final. Hideaki Wada and Kenzo […]

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Cédric Garnier takes the Yokohama Open

The first Open of the season in Japan took place this week-end in Yokohama with an impressive field of 33 entries including some foreigners from Singapore, Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong and France Cédric garnier (who lives in Japan). Serious things started in the quart-finals when Stéphane Lambert (BEL) beat Antonio Carabillo (HKG). Lambert had no […]

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Cédric Garnier wins in Japan

Table football is growing in Japan where 30 players attende the FISTF Grand Prix of Yokohama last week. The Open category had a strong field of 24 players including Cédric Garnier (France), Stéphane Lambert (Belgium) and John Ho (Singapore). These three players reached the semi-finals. John Ho had to wait the shots to beat local […]

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Cédric Garnier wins in Osaka

The International Open of Osaka took place on January 20 with a field of 14 players. Besides the 12 Japanese players from the clubs of Yamato, Osaka and Yokohama, there were 2 foreign competitors: Cédric Garnier from France (who lives in Japan) and John Ho from Singapore. The foreign players proved to have more experience […]

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