Mark Gauci and Derek Conti on fire in Malta

The recent Open and Grand Prix of Malta were held in Valletta with 30 players from four nations taking part. On Saturday the Open final was a local derby between Derek Conti and Hansel Mallia. Conti took the honors after winning the game 4-1. Melvin Barun (U19), Riccardo Natoli (U15 and U12) and Belgium’s Pascal […]

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Mark Gauci and Valletta SC on top in Malta

Last week-end the FISTF Open of Valletta took place with a good field of 24 Maltese players. Mark Gauci (Perugia) won the Open category. he defeated Hansel Mallia (Fiamme Azzurre) in the final. Jean Tabon and Massimo Cremona lost in the semis. Cremona won the veterans after his win in the final against Adrian Bonnici. […]

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Bormla Sat-2015-1

Massimo Cremona wins in Bormla

This week-end there was subbuteo action in Malta where the club of Bormla organized a FISTF Satellite. In the end, the final game was an affait between players representing foreign clubs. Massimo Cremona (Reggio Emilia) defeated Jean Carl Tabone (Stembert) to win the trophy. Josef Camilleri and Mario Camilleri were the losing semi-finalists.

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George Ebejer did it in Bormla

The Satellite of Bormla was the very first tournament of the season and only 12 players were competing in Malta last sunday. George Ebejer won the Open final against Jason Pisani. Charles Aquilina and Josef Camilleri lost the semis. Full results: Satellite – Bormla

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Malta15-Valletta SC

Malta: big wins for Samuel Bartolo and Juan Noguera

On April 25 and 26, the island of Malta was hosting two international events. On Saturday, Spain’s Juan Noguera (picture)won the International Open, defeating Mark Gauci in the final. Andrew Abela (U19), Jurgen Balzan (U15) and Thomas Ebejer (U12) won the youth sections while the veterans final was between two Maltese players with Jason Pisani […]

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News from around Europe

As every third week-end of the month, there was no important FISTF tournament this week-end. All over Europe, there were several competitions for teams and here is a very brief summary of the national competitions.       AUSTRIA: TSC Royal 78 (Stefan Sandner, Alexander Haas, Heinz Eder and Murat Tünger) has become Austrian Cup winner. […]

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Samuel Bartolo and the Lions win in Valletta

Last week-end the city of Valletta hosted the first Maltese tournament of the season. The International Open had 24 players taking part including Italy’s Massimiliano Nastasi. In the Open category. Samuel Bartolo defeated Mark Gauci in the final. Angelo Borg and Derek Conti lost in the semis. Andrew Abela won the U19 tournament, finishing on […]

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