Rudy Hesty takes the Singapore Open

On March 12 and 13, the Singapore Open had the chance to host 30 players with guets from the US and Hong Kong. Two categories were in the program. The U19 event consisted in a group of six and Bolkiah Musa (Jurong Central SC) ended as winner with 5 wins. Rudy Hesty Roslan (Jurong Central […]

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Wiener in Enderby

Christian Haas wins the Grand Prix of England

Last week-end the English Grand Prix was held in Enderby with 58 players from 12 nationalities. Most players were dropped in the 2 main categories: Open & Veterans. Austria’s Christian Haas won the Open category after scoring a golden goal in the final against England’s Chris Thomas. Wolfgang Haas and Kaspar Bennett were the other […]

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Ebr-Sat-Mar16-Podium Open

Erich Hinkelmann wins the Satellite in Ebreichsdorf

A few weeks ago Austrias youngest Club, the TFKN Dragons, celebrated their second birthday. Their home tournament is the same age. The Anninger Cup , named after a mountain in their home region, was held last weekend. This year the Anninger Cup was played as a FISTF Satellite. Besides a group of Dragons, almost every […]

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Carlos Flores takes the Major of Frameries

On March 5 and 6 the city of Frameries hosted the traditionnal Major in their premises. It was the organizers’ ultimate rehaersal before the world cup to be held in the same hall on September 3 and 4. There were 200 players from 15 nationas taking part and the level was very high. In the […]

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Dimitrios Mallias wins in Patra

Last Saturday 16 players competed in the Challenger of Patra in Greece! Dimitrios Mallias (Atlas) was the final winner, beating Christos Karouzos (Athinaikos) in the final. Georgios Goutzioulis and Dimosthenis Kalatzis were the semi-finalists. Full results: Challenger – Patra

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Justin Leroy is the champion in Prague

Last week-end the city of Prague was the center of International subbuteo with the organisation of the Czech Grand Prix and the presence of players from many european countries. Belgium’s Justin Leroy won the open final in the last second against Italy’s Edoardo Bellotto. Marcel Kwiatkowski from Germany and Heinz Eder from Austria were the […]

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Satellite wins for Pawsey & Finch!

The Enderby Satellites produced some tight games culminating in close finals over 2 days of play. The Saturday saw a 16 man field end up with England & GSCD’s Justin Finch up against Ireland & Yorkshire’s Mark Farrell. An entertaining final saw the players deadlocked on 2-2 before going to shots where the England Legend […]

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A crowded hall in the Open of Athens

During the week-end of February 13 & 14, a FISTF International Open took place in Athens. On saturday 16 teams competed to win the team event and it was another broke, record for organizers. The guys of Falcons TSC defeateds Olympia in the final. proteas and Athinaikos reached the semis. On sunday 80 players competed […]

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Charleroi and David Gonzalez on top in France

The Grand Prix of France was held in Issy during the first week-end of February with 100 players from 10 countries taking part. There were many surprises in the Open category. The young David Gonzalez from Spain won the final against Sébastien Scheen from Belgium. Jean-Marie Amberny (who previously defeated the top seed Christophe Dheur) […]

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Another Major for Flores in Rome

In the last week-end of January, 150 players travelled to Rome to play the Major organized by the club of CCT Roma. There were players from all over Europe and the level was as always very high. In the end, the Open, final was a Spanish story between two world champions. Carlos Flores defeated Juan […]

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