Winners across the globe

Samuel Bartolo and Mario Camilleri (both Valletta Subbuteo Club) claimed a prestigious double at the FISTF International Open & Grand Prix of Malta – Valletta 2018, winning both the IO and the GP over the weekend.
Armando Giuffrè (Messina Subbuteo Sports Club) won the U19 in the IO, then Dimitrios Dimopoulos (Piraeus Lions TSC) won the U19 Grand Prix.

Dimitrios Dimopoulos

Samuel Bartolo

Mario Camilleri

Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, Eliot Kennedy (Northern Falcons TFC) claimed his first FISTF event, winning the Sydney Satellite 3-1 against Benji Batten (Melbourne TFC).
Gabriel Lombardi (Sydney TFC) won the U15 event, beating Jonas Hahn (Northern Falcons TFC).

Medallists at the Sydney Satellite

Eliot Kennedy (right) winner of Sydney Satellite

Well done to all organisers, players and referees!