Rudy Hesty adds Australian GP to his Asian Cup victory

Singapore’s Rudy Hesty (Jurong Central) took home the Australian Grand Prix title with a nerve wracking 3-0 shoot-out win against fellow countryman Benny Ng (Western Flickers) after scores were locked 0-0 at the end of extra time.

Benny Ng (left) and Rudy Hesty

Rudy beat young star Torben Pfister (Northern Falcons TFC) 5-1 in the semi-final, after Torben won the U19 title. Benny beat Rob Green (Northern Falcons) 1-0 in the other semi.

Torben Pfister (left) against Benjamin Ng in U19 tournament

In the teams event, Melbourne TFC won a stunning final against Jurong Central with a spectacular sudden death victory.

With the team scores locked at 2-2, Jurong looked headed for victory with an 8-7 goal advantage, until Carl Young (Melbourne) scored with seconds left on the clock against Vikas Chandiramani to take the match to extra time.

Then, three minutes into the sudden death period, Benji Batten scored the crucial goal to secure his team victory.