How to get your event prominence on the FISTF socials

It is the responsibility of all of us to enhance the image of our game, not just the board members and national associations.
Especially those organising events — from the World Cup, Majors and National Championships, to Satellites and even club based (and WASPA) events — need to make every effort to promote their activities.
We’re planning a series of articles over the coming months to provide ideas, advice and guidance.
We’ll also look at the whole area of live streaming.
Starting off, we’re looking at how you can get more prominence on and the associated social platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) for your events — before, during and after the event.
First thing to consider is an event poster.
To assist with placement, we prefer ‘portrait’ mode rather than ‘landscape’ mode.

Examples of portrait mode posters:
Posters can be as artistic as you like, or purely functional. It’s important to put the key information on them: What, when, where and why!
> What is the event name
> When will it be held — date and time
> Location
> Reason for the event.
There seems to be a growing trend for bigger and shinier trophies all the time. But maybe event organisers should consider a portion of their budget for posters that can be put up in friendly shops, centres and sporting clubs around the venue of the event. Let the general public know about your event as well.
More guidance on “Pre event publicity” will be coming soon.
Once the event is held, the results should be sent to FISTF at
As well, a selection of photos from the event would assist for the website – especially photos of the winners and podium finishers… and PLEASE clearly mark who-is-who in the photos.
To make the event stand out on the website, a short story of the event would help.
We realise not everyone is a journalist, so here are some tips of what to include:
     > Who won in each category, what was the final score.
     > What was the standout feature of each final?
     > What was the standout match of the event?
     > What as the best goal?
     > What was the biggest surprise result?
     > Any standout players who need mentioning?
     > Who was the best referee?
     > Any beginners, new players or returnees who are worth mentioning?

All of this will assist in making your event more memorable.

Excellent story from the Glasgow IO