2-3 september 2017

Welcome in France !


Below are presented web site updates causes. Users can then see what was modified since their last visit. Note that update cause may have different impacts on the web site. For example, if a qualified player retire, then the list of substitutes of the "Presentation" page is modified and also the site "Individuals". 
  • Presentation :
    • Refereeing : Presentation of head referees
    • Draw : Schedule of individual and team draws
  • Individuals :
    • Veterans : Number of players involved goes to 60! This to qualify 1st & 2nd reserves of all countries.
      • Have a look on location page to see impacts on table allocations
      • Have a look on Individuals>Competitors to see news qualified players
  • Teams :
    • SPAIN : update of the list of players in each team
  • General :
    • Taking into account the July new world ranking of players
    • Add of the two buttons "Individuals" & "Teams" on the main page for a quicker access
  • Individuals :
    • Veteran category : 48 to 56 players
      • impact on planning with one more round needed => Saturday's price ceremony delayed by 45'
    • Some changes of participants => some of initial substitutes have been qualified
  • Teams :
    • U19 : 6 to 5 teams (Germany retire)
    • Some players of teams are still changing => updates will be provided later, when changes will be stable 
  • General :
    • Adding of the new page "Venue" to present the room plan => see the new menu "VENUE"