Fedération Belge de Football de Table Subbuteo – Belgische Subbuteo Tafelvoetbal Bond    FBFTS-BSTVB
Belgium Club Registration Nr.: 409 550 331
FBFTS-BSTVB founded: Month ? 1949
FISTF Member National Association (MNA) since 1993
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Board position Name E-Mail Spoken 
President Delphine Dieudonne   french, english
Vice President Sebastien Scheen   french, english
Secretary International –  Secretaire Benoit Massart   french, english
Treasurer – Tresorier Luc Grosdent   french
Director Sports Denis Bouchet   french, english
Director Sports adjoint Justin Leroy   frenchenglish
Secretary National     french
FBFTS-BSTVB  Board of Directors Entire board french, english
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FBFTS-BSTVB – Federation Belge de Football Table Subbuteo (Belgische Subbuteo Tavel Voetabal Bond) is the governing body of the Table Football in Belgium. Belgium is divided in 10 provinces for a total of 3 ‘communities’ (French-speaking, Dutch-speaking and German-speaking).There is no activity in the German-speaking side of Belgium and there is only one club (SC Flanders, based in the Province of Antwerpen) in the Dutch-speaking side of Belgium.The other clubs are either in Brussels city or in the French-speaking area of Belgium. Brussels SC is in the province of Brabant. SC Temploux, Etoile Sarthoise Val-de-Sambre (in Auvelais), JSC Rochefort and Rochefort TS are in the province of Namur. AS Hennuyer, SC Charleroi, SC Eugies, SCAF Quévy and Templeuve United are in the province of Hainaut while SC Stembert, SC Seraing, Standard Liège and SC Verviers-Herve are in the province of Liège. Unfortunately there is no club yet in the provinces of Limburg, Luxemburg, Flemish Brabant and bost East-Flanders and West-Flanders (where some players are active in the cities of Ostende, Bruges, Deerlijk and Blankenberge. A club is under construction in Bruges though). The game “subbuteo” is back in the toysshops. The world cup 2014 in Rochefort was a great success. Competitions in the regions are back and ancient players and new players are coming. Since September 1, 2015 WASPA tournament are part of the national ranking system, which is a great way to include novice players. UPDATE of new champions will follow: Season 2018/2019 National Competition Info Results of the main national competitions Season 2013/2014 INDIVIDUAL NATIONAL CHAMPIONS Open Category –Christophe Dheur (Rochefort TS) Under 19 Category – William Van den Houte (JSC Rochefort) Under 15 Category – Nathan Dizier (JSC Rochefort) Under 12 Category – Corentin Bouchez (SC Eugies) Veterans Category – Eric Threis (SC Stembert) Ladies Category – Emilie Despretz (ASH) INDIVIDUAL CUP WINNERS Open Category – Michaël Casciano (SC Charleroi) Under 19 Category – Steffen Despretz (AS Hennuyer) Under 15 Category – Emilie Despretz (AS Hennuyer) Under 12 Category – Corentin Bouchez (SC Eugies) Veterans Category – Eric Threis (SC Stembert) Ladies Category – Emilie Despretz (AS Hennuyer) TEAMS NATIONAL CHAMPION – Rochefort TS TEAMS CUP WINNER – SC Charleroi (Last updated: 2019 October 31