Board & Committee positions

Board  &  Committee positions
The FISTF Board is looking for your interest in vacant positions on both the Board itself, and in various support committees.

 The VP Special Sport / Disability Sport

To promote and develop the special sports department for sport of table football world wide.
Special sports (disabled single players) to be accepted within FISTF Member National Association (MNA) across all Confederations.
To promote the Special Sports on the official FISTF Website to create impulse for activities.
Other activities for special sports such in schools, recreation centers and cultural clubs.
Applicants should send an email with the Subject “VP Special Sport” with a covering letter and CV to the FISTF Board
Please note the requirements of the FISTF Statutes that members of the Board must be of different nationalities.

FISTF vacant committee positions  23 – 34 persons

 Committee  Area of activity –  Information  Persons* 

 History & Heritage Archive (Gen. Secretary)

 The archive cloud exists with folders for upload.

 3 – 5

 General Secretary (Gen. Secretary)

 Collecting data from FISTF Member MNA and MNAP.


 FISTF Training Centre (Gen. Secretary)

 Assist in examing club requests for Training Centre Level.


 Journalism (Promotion & Marketing)
 Reporting from FISTF competitions.
 4 – 6 
 Webpage (Admin IT)
 Support to update data. WordPress knowledge necessary.
 2 – 3
 Database Online (Admin IT)
 Assist with programming online database. WordPress  knowledge essential.
 1 – 3
 Independent Executive
 Area of activity –  Information  
 Homologation (Independent Executive) 
Technical engineers to homologate playing material. Revision
 work on existing documents.
 2 – 4
Auditors (Independent Executive) 
 Finance controller. Head and deputies.
 2 – 3
Arbitrators (Independent Executive) 
 Dispute  mediator.
 3 necessary
Special Sport (Independant)
 Supporters to build the special sports 
 committee. A difficult task. 
 2 – 3

FISTF Committee’s  operational  12 Members

 Committee  Area of activity –  Information  Persons* 

 Editorial Committee (President)

 Reading, correcting, updating documents.

 4 Active

 History, Heritage & Archive. (Gen.Secretary)

 The archlve cloud exists with folders for upload.

 1 Active

 Corporate Identity Norm (Gen. Secretary)

 FISTF corporate identity will feature all colours, fonts 

 2 Active

 Sports Committee (Sports Director)

 Sports Playing Rules / Laws. Sports matters.

 4 Active

 Database Online (Admin IT)
 Assist with programming online database. WordPress  knowledge essential.

 1 Active


NOTE:   Persons* The number indicates committee members only, not the Board Member itself.

Why so many helpers?

So that we are able to spread the work and no one should get into time stress. 
The Committees will coordinate and support each other, meaning it will be a spiders web system.
We urgently need people to assist with the History of our sport. Collecting data.
If you feel you can spare time to assist, please email the Board with your interest, spelling out which area you could assist with.
Please note that the “geo block” restriction does not apply to Committee members.

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