Board & Committee positions


We are seeking for you!  Help and Support

Vacant positions.  If you wish to offer support, having fun to do so, helping the community, then send your application to the General Secretary  E-Mail to 

FISTF BOARD     5 Positions

The VP Marketing & Promotion and Special Sport will be co-opted and then confirmed by the Board of Directors by vote.

VP Marketing & Promotion     “The promoter”  Promoting our sport to media world wide.
VP Special Sport / Disability  “The good heart” Special sport committee

The VP Confederation positions are in preparation and are due to be voted by the Confederation members.

VP Confederation of Africa North     
VP Confederation of Africa South
VP Confederation of America North & Central

FISTF COMMITEE     21 – 28 Positions

 Commitee  Thematic  Persons 

History, Heritage & Archive. (Gen.Sec.)

 The archive cloud exists.

 5 – 8

General Secretary (Gen. Secretary)

 Collecting data from Member NA. 


STF Training Center (Gen. Secretray)
 We are re-building the Training Center system.
Journalism (Promotion)
 Reporting from FISTF competitions
 4 – 6 
Webpage (Admin IT)
 Support to update data. WordPress knowledge   necessary.
 1 – 2
Database online (Admin IT)
 We are building the online database. WordPress IT   knowledege necessary.
 1 – 3
Homologation (Sports)
 Technical engineers to homologate   playing   material.
 2 – 3
Special Sport (Sports)
 Supporters to build the Commitee. 
 2 – 3
Finance (Independant Executive) 
 Auditor Finance controller.
 2 – 3

Why so many helpers?

So that we are able to spread the work and no one should get into time stress. 
The Commitees will coordinate and support each other, meaning it will be a spiders web system.
F-HHA  (History) need the journalism (Reports, Results).
General Secretary & Communication  need  webpage support (uploads, organisation, Archive).
Homologation needs Sports. (Issueing certificates for homologation) 
Web presentation (text & uploads)  need F-HHA (History).


Last update: 2019 November 10