BoD Achievements

Board of Directors Achievements 

We list the projects we have resolved for you: 

  1. The FISTF Handbook has been fully revised.
  2. The webpage has had significant updates.
  3. The finance situation is consolidated and stable.
  4. The invoicing system has been updated.
  5. The finance reports for the MNAs have been revised.
  6. The competition calendar is well ahead with dates for planning.
  7. The calendar includes the pitch (playing surface) information.
  8. The MNA presentations on the webpage have been updated.
  9. The download section has been maintained and updated.
  10. The Facebook and Twitter social media pages are updated.
  11. Nations are rejoining FISTF such as Canada and Republic of Ireland.
  12.  The Youth Champions League was initiated.
  13. The archive cloud was installed (FISTF history & heritage archive F-HHA).
  14. Starter sets for young people have been made available.
  15. The internet voting pole regulation was introduced.
  16. The disciplinary council is installed and operative.
  17. The FISTF Training Centre Certificates have been re-introduced.
  18. CONASTF. The North American confederation is established.
  19. The FISTF history &, heritage archive (F-HHA) is operational.

We list the projects we have in schedule

  1. The FISTF Statutes 2020 are in revision work.
  2. The Tournament Organisers Handbook is being revised.
  3. Information flyers about our sport are in work.
  4. We are having talks to old FISTF members re-joining FISTF.
  5. The development department is working on concepts.
  6. The homologation committee will be reconstituted.
  7. The MNA certifcates and diploma documents are in work.
  8. The webpage design needs modernization.
  9. The FISTF database and online registration is in construction phase.
  10. The FISTF finance auditors and controllers will be introduced.
  11. Marketing & Promotion department are preparing concepts.

We are looking for you to participate  COMMITTEE POSITIONS

Last update : 2019-11-18