American Subbuteo Association   ASA
ASA founded: 1982
FISTF Member National Association (MNA) since 1998


Board position Name E-Mail Spoken 
President  Jonathan D Smith  english
Secretary National  (Vacant)    
Treasurer Eddy Mclane  english
USA Team Captain Christian Filippella  english, italian
Board Member Varant Kurkeryerian  english
Board Member Peter Vahle  english
Board Member Peter Alegi  english
Director Sports      english
Director Organisation      english
Secretary International – FISTF Liason  Bryan Arnold  
ASa Board of Directors  Entire board  english
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ASA – American Subbuteo Association is the governing body of Sport Table Football (Soccer, aka Subbuteo) in the United States of America. The USA is divided in 50 States, the federal district and five major self-governing territories.
Mr. D Cucalon (USA) was the first player to represent the USA at a Subbuteo World Cup in London in 1970.
ASA Subbuteo Champion of America
1982: John Bailly (Florida)
1990: Jason Bell (New Jersey)
ASA National Champion
1992: Matt Miller (Illinois)
1993: Ken Aberle (Holland, Massachusetts)
1994: Jon Schultz (La Porte, Indiana)
1995: Jeremy Meyer (Holland, Massachusetts)
1996: Gregg Deinhart (Alexandria, Virginia)
1997: Marco Silva (Alexandria, Virginia)
1998: Gregg Deinhart (Alexandria, Virginia)
1999: Gregg Deinhart (Alexandria, Virginia)
2000: Gregg Deinhart (Alexandria, Virginia)
2001: Gregg Deinhart (Alexandria, Virginia)
2002: Rick Wilcox (Alexandria, Virginia)
2003: Gregg Deinhart (Alexandria, Virginia)
2004: Gregg Deinhart (Alexandria, Virginia)
2005: Rick Wilcox (Alexandria, Virginia)
2006: Zach Walker (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
2007: Zach Walker (Washington, DC)
2008: Zach Walker (Washington, DC)
2009: Daniel Cranston (Columbia, Maryland)
2010: Zach Walker (Denver, Colorado)
2011: Daniel Cranston (Columbia, Maryland)
2012: Paul Eyes (Columbia, Maryland)
2013: Zach Walker (Denver, Colorado)
2014: Zach Walker (Denver, Colorado)
Last update: 30-1-2020