Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame shows the list of all-time winners in competitions:
  • Individual Categories
  • Club Team
  • National Team
Our sport has a long history and development undergone since 1929, when the first playing figures were invented. After World War II the first association was founded in Belgium 1948 and the first champion of an association in that year was Mr. Beliard (Belgium). The destiny of our sport took its path till today.
If you wish to become a champion yourself, then the first step is to contact the association in your country. 
Write to FISTF and we will inform you about your domestic association. In case there is no domestic association, we will support you directly.
You can also visit the FISTF organisation --> Confederation --> Country and get preliminary information.
Contact FISTF General Secretary  E-Mail.  Enjoy and have fun reading, seeking and researching our fine table top sport.

FISTF Hall of Fame

Please view the 'cumulated' World Cup Winners and European Champions/Cup Winners from ETF, FISA and FISTF.

The Confederations of Asia, South America, North America and African Hall of Fame list will be added in 2020.

SSG means that the event was organized by Waddingtons Subbuteo Sports Games (SSG). 

World Cup Individual Open

1970 England, LondonPeter Czarkowski  West GermanySSG
1974 West Germany, MunichDick Rietveld  NetherlandsSSG
1978 England, LondonPhillipe Outmans  BelgiumSSG
1982 Spain, BarcelonaRenzo Frignani  ItalyFISA
1986 Greece, AthensWilly Hoffman  SwitzerlandFISA
1990 Italy, RomeAngelos Tsakiris  GreeceFISA
1994 United States, ChicagoDominique De Marco  BelgiumFISA
1994 France, ParisDominique De Marco  BelgiumFISTF
1996 Denmark, SilkeborgVasco Guimarães  PortugalFISTF
1998 Belgium, NamurGil Delogne  BelgiumFISTF
2000 Austria, ViennaMassimo Bolognino  ItalyFISTF
2001 Portugal, OportoMassimo Bolognino  ItalyFISTF
2002 England, BirminghamGil Delogne  BelgiumFISTF
2003 Malta, CottoneraMassimiliano Nastasi  ItalyFISTF
2004 Italy, BolognaGiancarlo Giulianini  ItalyFISTF
2005 Belgium, TournaiMassimo Bolognino  ItalyFISTF
2006 Germany, DortmundEfrem Intra  ItalyFISTF
2007 France, Les HerbiersDaniele Bertelli  ItalyFISTF
2008 Austria, ViennaEric Verhagen  NetherlandsFISTF
2009 Netherlands, RotterdamDaniele Bertelli  ItalyFISTF
2010 Germany, Rain am LechCarlos Flores  SpainFISTF
2011 Italy, PalermoMassimiliano Nastasi  ItalyFISTF
2012 England, ManchesterCarlos Flores  SpainFISTF
2013 Spain, MadridAlberto Mateos  SpainFISTF
2014 Belgium, RochefortJuan Manuel Noguera  SpainFISTF
2015 Italy, San BenedettoCarlos Flores  SpainFISTF
2016 Belgium, MonsWolfgang Leitner  AustriaFISTF
2017 France, ElancourtRémy Huynh  BelgiumFISTF
2018 Gibraltar, GibraltarMatteo Ciccarelli  ItalyFISTF
2020 Italy, Rome5th - 6th SeptemberFISTF
2022Host City to be announcedFISTF

World Cup National Team Open

1994France, ParisBelgiumWorld CupFISTF
1996Denmark, SilkeborgBelgiumWorld CupFISTF
1998Belgium, NamurItalyWorld CupFISTF
2000Austria, ViennaBelgiumWorld CupFISTF
2001Portugal, OportoItalyWorld CupFISTF
2002England, BirminghamItalyWorld CupFISTF
2003Malta, CottoneraItalyWorld CupFISTF
2004Italy, BolognaItalyWorld CupFISTF
2005Belgium, TournaiItalyWorld CupFISTF
2006Germany, DortmundItalyWorld CupFISTF
2007France, Les HerbiersItalyWorld CupFISTF
2008Austria, ViennaItalyWorld CupFISTF
2009Netherlands, RotterdamItalyWorld CupFISTF
2010Germany, Rain am LechMaltaWorld CupFISTF
2011Italy, PalermoItalyWorld CupFISTF
2012England, ManchesterSpainWorld CupFISTF
2013Spain, MadridItalyWorld CupFISTF
2014Belgium, RochefortItalyWorld CupFISTF
2015Italy, San BenedettoSpainWorld CupFISTF
2016Belgium, MonsItalyWorld CupFISTF
2017France, ElancourtItalyWorld CupFISTF
2018Gibraltar, GibraltarSpainWorld CupFISTF
2020Italy, Rome5th - 6th SeptemberWorld CupFISTF
2022 Host City to be announcedDate to be announcedWorld CupFISTF

European Championship/Cup Individual Open

1964 Netherlands, RotterdamMarius Schild NetherlandsETF
1965 Belgium, BruxellesJohnny De Bruining NetherlandsETF
1966 West Germany, DortmundPierre Tignani BelgiumETF
1967 England, LondonPierre Tignani BelgiumETF
1968 Netherlands, RotterdamWilli Hogeweg West GermanyETF
1969 Belgium, JambesBertus Mulder NetherlandsETF
1970 West Germany, AltenmarktDick Rietveld NetherlandsETF
1971 England, RomfordDick Rietveld NetherlandsETF
1972 Netherlands, MaassluisAntoon Verhaal NetherlandsETF
1973 Belgium, SpaAntoon Verhaal NetherlandsETF
1974 Switzerland, BaselJacques Brichaud BelgiumETF
1975 West Germany, HaibachPeter Czarkowski West GermanyETF
1976 Malta, La VallettaMichael M. Dent EnglandETF
1977 England, BracknellKurt Erb SwitzerlandETF
1978 Austria, WienBertus Mulder NetherlandsETF
1979 Netherlands, RijswijkJacques Brichaud BelgiumETF
1980 Scotland, UddingstonKurt Erb SwitzerlandETF
1981 Belgium, VerviersAndré Beckers BelgiumETF
1982 Switzerland, WallisellenWilly Hofmann SwitzerlandETF
1983 West Germany, HaibachWilly Hofmann SwitzerlandETF
1984 France, ParisRenzo Frignani  ItalyFISA
1984 Belgium, VerviersWilly Hofmann SwitzerlandETF
1985 Wales, Barry, Vale of GlamorganBruno Goset BelgiumETF
1986 Netherlands, BoskoopDidier Stévenot BelgiumETF
1987 England, BirminghamWilly Hofmann SwitzerlandETF
1988 Belgium, BruxellesMario Baglietto  ItalyFISA
1988 Austria, SalzburgWilly Hofmann SwitzerlandETF
1989 Switzerland, WallisellenDominique De Marco BelgiumETF
1990 Scotland, South QueensferryWilly Hofmann SwitzerlandETF
1991 Germany, StennweilerDominique De Marco BelgiumETF
1992 Germany, HamburgPaulo Sobral  PortugalFISA
1992 Malta, La VallettaChristophe Fuseau FranceETF
1993 Belgium, VerviersChristophe Fuseau  FranceFISTF
1993 England, FarehamHorst Deimel AustriaETF
1995 Germany, WuppertalDavid Ruelle  BelgiumFISTF
1996 England, LondonFelipe Maia  PortugalFISA
1997 Greece, AthensVasco Guimarães  PortugalFISTF
1999 Netherlands, DelftMassimo Bolognino  ItalyFISTF
2019 Belgium, FrameriesFlorian Giaux  BelgiumFISTF
2021Host City to be announcedFISTF
2023Host City to be announcedFISTF

European Championship/Cup National Team Open

66/67Dortmund, Brussel, VriesNetherlands Nations Cup WinnerETF
67/68Dortmund, Brussel, RotterdamGermany Nations Cup WinnerETF
68/69Dortmund, Lütich, AmsterdamBelgium Nations Cup WinnerETF
1980Italy, RomeItaly European ChampionFISA
1983Germany, HaibachBelgium Nations Cup WinnerETF
1987England, BirminghamGermany Nations Cup WinnerETF
1991Germany, StennweilerAustria Nations Cup WinnerETF
1993Belgium, Verviersnot played not playedFISTF
1995Germany, WuppertalPortugal European ChampionFISTF
1997Greece, AthensPortugal European ChampionFISTF
1999Netherlands, DelftItaly European ChampionFISTF
2019Belgium, FrameriesItaly European ChampionFISTF
2021 Host City to be announcedto be announced European ChampionFISTF
2023 Host City to be announcedto be announced European ChampionFISTF

Last update:  2019-11-18