Development of the Game

Development of the game

The development of the game includes several sections:

The promotion of the game in public area. (also marketing)   Table Football clubs should apply for FISTF Training Centres statues, so that the public may visit and see what the sport is about.   Table Football Clubs cooperating with amateur or professional Football Clubs around the world, will benefit the players.
The promotion of the game in schools, youth clubs, cultural clubs and football clubs.   Table Football Clubs developing in the regions of a country and forming a regional association.   The sports rules explanation and its way to use the rules in play and make youth understand.
The presentation of Flyer (Leaflets) to explain the advantage of the game to teachers, parents, sport trainers and of course to whom ever you talk to.  

The correct explanation of the way to flick the finger towards the ball properly.

  The simple sports rules in different language documents to be used. (in draft work)
The tactical way how to play “football” on the green field.   The tactical way how to play “defensive” and “offensive” on the green field.   The tactical way how to play “football” on the green field.
Development means motivation,
Motivation means activity,
Activity means success,
Success means joy and happines.
Assocations need to structure.
Associations need project ideas.
Associations need democracy.
Associations need a Board management.

Read the FISTF Pyramid document. Learn about the entire world structure and its definitions from FISTF to the single player.        Download 


Last update: 2019-11-16