Foreign player rule in clubs

FISTF Rules v.5.0

FISTF Rules v.5.0 plain-text

Explanatory notes on changes – FISTF Sports Rules v.5.0

FISTF Sports Rules Update Project – Clarifications Multi-language

Circular 23 (2014) explaining the rules changes

FISTF Sports Rules Update Project – Modifications v1.3 (German)

FISTF Rules v.4.0 (French)


FISTF Homologation Handbook (June 2016)

FISTF Goalkeeper Rules Flyer

FISTF Equipment Homologation Guide (for Manufacturers)


FISTF HANDBOOK – Sports Season 2016-2017


FISTF Event Scoresheet file (2015)


FORM F01 – National Association Membership Form

FORM F04 – Event Request Form

FORM F06 – Transfer Form

FORM F06E – National Player Transfer List

FORM F10 – Club Registration Form

FORM F11 – Change of Club Name Form

FORM F12 – Champions League and Europa League Submission Form

FORM F13 – Recognition for a new producing company

FORM F16 – Nomination for Person to work with Board

FORM F19 – International Friendly Form

FORM F20 – List of Licensed Players and Clubs

FORM F21 – Training Centres Request Form

FORM F22 – Event Registration for Individual Form

FORM F23 – Event Registration for Teams Form

FORM F24 – Team Competition Match Form

FORM F25 – Individual Competition Match Form

FORM F26 – Products Homologation Form

FORM F27 – Event Promotion Form

FORM F28 – Partner License Request Form

FORM F29 – Supporter License Request Form

FORM F30 – New Product Homologation Form

FORM F40 – World Cup Registration

FORM F40 – European Championship Registration



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