FISTF banned players

The Disciplinary Council lists the banned players online.

The banned player needs to fulfil all disciplinary decisions and measurements.

  1. The banned player is not permitted to participate during  ban period at any FISTF tournament. (counted in days)
  2. The banned player shall pay his fine on time, if told to do so. (Euro value)
  3. The banned player shall write an apology letter and will be published here. (Per E-Mail in domestic language and translated into English and French)
  4. If all DC decisions are fulfilled, then the ban will be abolished from this publication.
  5. In case a decision (Fine, E-Mail letter, etc) have not been fulfilled, then the time ban period will be automatically extended as long as necessary, until fulfillment of all conditions.
 Player  name  Club  License  Ban Start  –  Ban End  Length
 John Example  STFC   Fair play  ABC 1234  xx . xx . 20xx  xx . xx . 20xx  45 days 
 1. Fine payed  Yes          
 2. Letter written  No          
 3. Ban period not played  Yes          
 4. Other conditions  Non          


Discipline in sports table football.

What means personal discipline in sport?

  1. Respect your opponent.
  2. Respect the referee.
  3. Respect and accept decisions by the referee at all time.
  4. Do not swear and use bad, disgraceful language in your domestic or in a foreign language.
  5. Never attack or punch with physical force your opponent. Injuries will have civil right punishment when police is involved.
  6. Never attack or punch with physical force the referee. Injuries will have civil right punishment when police is involved.
  7. Behave and use good manners as a civilized human.
  8. Keep your emotions under control, even then when a decision might not be 100% correct, according to the sports playing rules.
  9. No referee or player is perfect. 
  10. Do not drink (consume) alcohol beverage during FISTF or domestic tournaments. It is recommend not to drink while the competition is ongoing. Enjoy drinks after the event.
  11. Violence will not be tolerated at any stage and will have a long time ban from our sport competitions.
  12. Be aware that in FISTF or domestic competitions, children and youth are present and they can see and hear everything.
  13. Young people can also be referee, so keep yourself under control. 
  14. Be a role model of a player for the young.
  15. Visitors and players have cameras, mobile phones and can record, photos, videos and/or voice.
  16. As a proof, recordings of photos, videos and/or voice can and will be used.
  17. FISTF Disciplinary Council will decide on disciplinary actions, Decisions are final.  Download the disciplinary regulations.

Last update: 2020-04-02