France – 3FTS


Fédération Française de Football de Table Sport   3FTS
French Club Registration Nr.:  W852003434
3FTS founded: November 1980
FISTF Member National Association (MNA) since 1993
Website :
Website : FB 3FTS
Website : FB France Subbuteo
Board position Name E-Mail Spoken 
President  Raphael Pommier french, english
Secretary International  Skander Farca french, english
Treasurer  Emmanuel Gorgette french
Director Sports     french, english
Director Organisation      english
Secretary National      
3FTS Board of Directors  Entire board  , english

FISTF competition (events) Calendar : FISTF calendar

3FTS –  Federation Francaise de Football de Table Sport is the governing body of Sport Table Football in France. France  is divided in 13 regional administrative divisions in Europe and 5 overseas territories.  These 5 territories are able to become independant members (MNA) within FISTF, which are French Guiana, Guadeloupe, MartiniqueMayotte, and Réunion.


Last update: 2019 November 02