In Memoriam

In Memoriam for all

Sports Table Football and Subbuteo players, whom we do not forget.

These sports fellows had great times flicking and we had the honour to share with them. Each player gave us a laugh, a goal and much fun that we wish to remember...  Contact us.

Our departed friends includes :

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William Lane Keeling England

The Newfooty Company Ltd. founder, 1929

Peter Adolph England

Subbuteo Sports Games Ltd. founder, 1948. d.1994

Peter Czarkowski Germany

The first Subbuteo World Champion 1970,
4x DSTFB Open Champion. with Gordon Banks (right).
d. 2012

Mike Thomas Wales

National Subbuteo Organiser,
d. 2018

Raymond Kroonberg Belgium

Former Belgian & FISTF President.
d. 2009

Pierre Tignani Belgium

Dick Rietveld (NED), Günter Czarkowski (GER), Alan Hardaker (GBR) & Pierre Tignani (BEL)
Former Belgian champion, ETF Europa Cup winner 1966 & 1967.
First Subbuteo World Cup, Finalist 1970.

Olivier Delogne Belgium

Former Belgian international player.
d. 2009

Dylan Devigne Belgium

Member of RTS, died way too early at 20 in a car accident.
d. 2012

Hans Kögl Austria

TFC Ebenfurth, Österreich Pokal – Club Cup Winner 1984/85.
d. 2017

Helmuth Kastner sr. Austria

TFC Donaustadt, Youth developer – Club founder, Vienna 1977. d.2005

Hortarias Dimitris Greece

Greek Open Champion 1983.

ETF Europa Cup participant 1978.

Harley Ullrich Australia

Loyal Clubman Northern Falcons TFC,
d. 2017

Chris Scoles Australia

Loyal Clubman Brisbane Subbuteo Club,
d. 2019

Christian Muth Austria

TSC Royal 78 Kaisermühlen, FISA WC participant 1982, EÖTV Junior Champion 1982, d.2012

Erich Storch Austria

SC Urfahr Linz, Club co-founder with Schiebel brothers. d. 1993

Alex Giffen USA

Charlottesville Subbuteo Club.
d. 2019

Diego Venegas Spain

Former Spanish champion. National team.

Serge Wahl France

Former Maisons-Alfort French club organizer
d ....

David Besnard France

Former Elbeuf organizer & French player
d ....

Jeff Jordan England

Milton Keynes TFC, former great ETF England international player. d....

Don Hosie Australia

Organiser of first association in Australia, great player. d. 2000

Laura Aielo France

Panebianco’s mother
d. ...

Jean Yves Lozach France

Le Havre, French player
d. ...

Fabien Chonigbaum France

Former Champs sur Marne french player
d. ...

Roberto Iacovith Italiy

Mestre player

Julien Da Silva France

Montereau player

Michel Gheysens France

First French junior champion 1980 & 1981
d. ...

Dimitris Salamouris Greece


Dimitris Sorotos Greece


Kostas Economides Greece


Fernando Basto Portugal


Bob McGiffen sr. Scotland

Airdire, Scottish Subbuteo Association and FISA World Cup Referee 1986, '90, '94.  Foto Brussel '88. d. ...

Marcel Coppée Belgium

d. April 2015 (83 years old)

Jean-Pierre Dillela Belgium

AS Hennuyer.
d. 1993 (19 years old)

Ronald Graindorge Belgium

–AS Hennuyer
d 2018 (44 years old)

Christian Piron Belgium

SC Verviers
d. ...

Christian Dekoker Belgium

SC Verviers
d. ...

Joseph Bertholomé Belgium

,SC Ensival

Franz Joseph Wallner Austria

EÖTV President 1978-1985.  The “Franz Wallner Tischfussball Center” is named in honor of Franz.
d. …..

Fritz Vendenbaek Denmark

Danish National team, First FISTF Board 1992, FISTF founding member. Foto Danish GP 1995.

Emilio Parodi Italy

Genoa Subbuteo Importer for Italy. made Subbuteo famous in Italy. Foto Subbuteo WC 1990, Rome.

Gerhard Grünberg Germany

SC Höpfingheim Player, d.2018

Reto Remund Switzerland

SC Wallisellen player, d.2019

Helmut Marek Austria

TFC Wien West, player  d. 20xx?

Michael Denk Austria

TFC Wien West & STV Wien 13,  Speisinger Pokal 1981, d. 20xx?

Bertus Mulder Netherlands

ETF Europa Cup Winner 1978, NSVB Champion & Nationalteam player, right: Gustav Adler EÖTV President with Champagne. d. 20xx?

TFC Ebenfurth, Player 1985-1988, d.2019. Red Cross Driver, saved hundreds of lifes.

Feel free to send us the names of departed players. We are also keen to receive photos and short information on them.