Israel – ISTA


Israel Sports Table Football Association  ISTA
Israel Club Registration Nr.: __?__ 
ISTA  founded: month __?__ 1994  (1989)
FISTF Member National Association (MNA) .  MNAP  by 2020


Board position Name E-Mail Spoken 
President Gideon Posner Israelian, english
Secretary International Emanuele Funaro Italian, English 
Director Sports      
Director Organisation      
Secretary National      
ISTA Board of Directors Entire board  

FISTF competition (events) Calendar : FISTF calendar

ISTA – Israel Sports Table Football Association is the governing body of Sport Table Football in Israel  and is divided into 7 Administrative Divisions.  It is step by step planned that the main regions are to be developed and play the sport in Schools. Israel particpated at the FISTF World Cup 2018 in Gibraltar and had a Semi Finalist at the very first Subbuteo World Cup in London 1970. A logo was created and the association was founded by Mr. Menashe  Harman in 1989 and his friends from Tel Aviv. He took part in the Subbuteo world cup in 1990.

Last update:  2019 _October 31