Confed Africa North & Africa South




The Confederations of Northern and Southern African Sports Table Football is going to be a future project to develop our sport on the African continent. The Republic of South Africa has the only active Association since 2008. The development is ongoing and it will be a very tough challenge.

The African continent is big and the countries citizens are poor, due to bad economical structures. Travelling distances are long and the infrastructures (road, train) make it difficult to travel. It will be necessary to split the continent into a northern and southern confederation, like in America. This will make it a little bit easier to develop and keep distances shorter to travel. In football (soccer), Africa has 6 smaller confederation zones (view: wikipedia).

The Southern Confederation could be the chance to develop first in Africa, as we have our Southern African sports friends and they are being eager and active.

The Federation of International Sports Table Football (FISTF) will be supporting South Africa to become a main player in Africa and take a leading role for ongoing development. The African Continental Championship shall be a target to aim for again. Many nationalities from Africa live in the Republic of South Africa (RSA, ZAF) and we will open the door for these players living in RSA to participate in a Confederations Championship.  

Everyone is welcome to help and develop in Africa. If you have contacts or friends who are interested then lets us know.  EMAIL

Last Update: 2020 April 09