France – 3FTS


Fédération Française de Football de Table Sport   3FTS
French Club Registration Nr.:  W852003434
3FTS founded: November 1980
FISTF Member National Association (MNA) since 1993
Website :
Website : FB 3FTS
Website : FB France Subbuteo
Board position Name E-Mail Spoken 
President Eric Naszalyi french, english
Secretary International french, english
Treasurer Cédric Pandolfi french
Director Sports BLANC Mickael (Unders) and MIDOUX Ludovic (Open/Vets/Female)   french, english
Communications FARZA Yannis    
IT Paul Naszalyi    
3FTS Board of Directors  Entire board  french/english

FISTF competition (events) Calendar : FISTF calendar

3FTS –  Federation Francaise de Football de Table Sport is the governing body of Sport Table Football in France. France  is divided in 13 regional administrative divisions in Europe and 5 overseas territories.  These 5 territories are able to become independant members (MNA) within FISTF, which are French Guiana, Guadeloupe, MartiniqueMayotte, and Réunion.


Last update: 2022 November 30