HTFA – Hungarian Table Football Association

HTFA – Hungarian Table Football Association is a new Association founded in September 10, 2011 and it is the Table Football governing body in Hungary.
Board of Directors
President: Gábor Baross – contact:
Secretary: András Hicz – contact:
Treasurer: Adrian Szaki
At the moment, 2 clubs and 34 players are registered in HTFA. The most active table football club in Hungary is Budapest Subbuteo. They show themselves to the world through their website at and on Facebook. The club has the venue in Budapest and 10 members.

After the Mezőberény Table Football Club has splitted, there is a new club, the VGE Subbuteo Szombathely. This club is in western Hungary, close to the austrian border.

The future plans of the club includes the attendance in FISTF events already this season and we like to organize WASPA events as well.

The project of development includes: spread the subbuteo in table football clubs where other type of table football is played.

National Competition Info

Season 2015/2016
National Championship: Open Category: László Csibor
National Cup: Open Category: László Csibor