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 Who is FISTF?

    FISTF is the Federation of International Sports Table Football and promotes the table top game of sports table football, also known as (aka) Subbuteo. The sport is based on the original playing rules, including the playing field and goal dimensions.

 What is Subbuteo?

    Subbuteo is a toy trade mark (TM) name in ownership of  Hasbro (USA), They became owner of the Subbuteo (TM) in the year 1994, by taking over Waddingtons Sports Games Ltd department (section), including Monopoly and Cluedo games. (Leeds, UK). Data researched.

 Are there more manufacturers?

The figures

The figures

    Yes, there are more production companies who manufacturer sports table football material. Many of theses are re-sellers too. Be aware of private sellers who are not able to warrant  consumers protection or have no customer care.

 Why do we need FISTF?

    FISTF and its Member National Associations (MNA) are needed to organise and manage the International competitions, which is the original motivation of sports table football players from the 1980s/1990s, then known as Subbuteo players. The statutes (constitution),  the sports playing rules and all regulations (guidelines) are published for a smooth sports organisation. FISTF is the united community for our game, history, heritage and achives, including all original Newfooty, original Subbuteo and new modern sports products. Study the FISTF Pyramid document.   Datacentre

 How was FISTF established?


    FISTF was established through negotiations between the players, led by Laurant Garnier (3FTS, FRA) and Willy Hofmann (SSTV, SUI) and the management of Waddingtons Ltd. represented by Mr. Trevor Spencer (England, UK). The target was to create a democratic structured World Federation run by the members and its players. FISTF is manufacture neutral  and administered like any other sports organisation world wide.
 What happend to ETF and FISA?     The European Table Soccer Federation (ETF, established by Belgium, Netherlands & Germany in 1963) and the Federation of International Subbuteo Associations (FISA, established by Waddingtons Ltd. in 1979) united under one governance of FISTF.  ETF had its final Europa Cup in Fareham (England. UK) 1993,  while FISA hat its final competition in London (England, UK) 1996. ETF was 30 years in constant operation (1963-1993), while FISA lasted only 17 years (1979-1996).

  Is FISTF a registered Federation?

    FISTF is registered as an official club/association in France at ‘Maison des Associations d’Amiens-Métropole’. Register No./Nr.: W941004017, under the French law, association Contract, 1st July 1901.  View our Legal notice / Impressum.   About Us
  What is the use of a registration?     An official registration gives FISTF the legal right to manage the organisation and sign agreements or contracts with government institutions, partners and companies. The FISTF enviroment is save and sane for all it’s Member National Associations, clubs and single players.

  How can I become a member?

  How can I get a FISTF License?


 My country is not a FISTF member.


  You wish to become a member? A direct membership with FISTF is not possible, as only the National Associations are Members. You need to contact your domestic Association and become a singl player member.  Member National Associations  will take care of you. They will ask for a FISTF playing license for you, so that you can participate in FISTF tournaments, a Confederation Championship/Cup or the FISTF World Cup. It will also grant you to play for clubs and the national teams.

Your country is not a FISTF member? Contact us directly, as we are able to grant you a direct playing license. Use this emailaddress  Email

  Does FISTF issue a certificate?


  FISTF will be issuing certificates for membership, honory members and FISTF Training Centres. A certificate of membership (MNA) will help you within legal administrations, bank account openings or proove of your membership with a World Sports Federation.

A ‘FISTF Training Centre’ certificate will proove that you are capable of organising club trainings/evenings/afternoons with a training centre quality. That shall better your publicity for media, guests, city mayors, sponsors and other partners.

Honory Members are persons / sIngle players who have recieved a ‘certificate’ for well known achievements for administration work or sports success.

      F I S T F   your sports partner    Your table football Federation

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