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Scottish Table Football Association   STFA
United Kingdom Club Registration in Wales  Nr.: __?__
STFA founded: Month __?__  1967
FISTF Member National Association (MNA) since 1994
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Board position Name E-Mail Spoken 
President –  Chairman  __?__    english
Secretary International – General Manager  Dave Gladman  english
Treasurer –  Financial Director  Greg Dand  english
Director Sports      english
Director Organisation      english
Secretary National – Marketing and Communication  Martin Campbell  
STFA Board of Directors  Entire board    english
FISTF competition (events) Calendar : FISTF calendar
STFA – Scottish Table Football Association is the governing body of Sport Table Football in Scotland  Scotland is divided in 34 counties. The original STFA was founded in  1967.

There are two clubs :  Dundee United TFC and Glasgow TSA.


Last update_ 2019 November 02