Special Sport Committee


Massimo Bolognino

Massimo Bolognino

Maurizio Vezzo

Maurizio Nunzia Vezzo


 SPC – Commitee position Name E-Mail Spoken 
 SPC – Commitee Head   Massimo Bolognino   massimobolognino@virgilio.it   Italian
 SPC – Technical Manager   Maurizio Nunzia Vezzo   maurizio_vezzo@fastwebnet.it   Italian
 SPC – Commitee Secretary   vacant    
 SPC – Director Sports      
 SPC – Director Organsiation      
Wikipedia   Link   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disabled_sports   English
Wikipedia   Link   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disability   English

The special Sport commitee is in a very difficult situation, as sports table football is not ready for such a massive organisation, which needs a potential budget to get started. FISTF needs to get its basic work done, so that this Commitee is able to grip in the future.

Last update: 2019 November 05