FISTF Official Pin
The official FISTF pin. Available now!
One pin = €2
Two pins = €3
Five pins = €8

Postage extra:  €3.70
Available to buy via Paypal, please pay the Retail price to:

Note: Figure just for scale purposes



FISTF Measuring Tool

FISTF measuring tool is the only official way to check table football equipment compliance to FISTF Rules and assess distances during play. A must-have for all players and essential for all FISTF competitions organisers. Manufactured from high quality laser-cut and printed plexiglass. Retail price 13€/11£.
ATTENTION: Avoid buying imitations of the FISTF measuring tool. Only the original green-coloured FISTF tool has FISTF logo printed on it.

FISTF-measure-toolAvailable to buy via Paypal, please pay the Retail price of 13€/11£ to:

For more information, have a look on Directions of use.