FISTF World Cup

  • The Top 8 players of the World Ranking as of April 30th, with maximum 2 per country, are automatically qualified for the individual WC.

  • If there is more than 2 players of one country in the top 8, then we move to the 9th players, etc…

  • After that process, each federation sends a list of players divided in three:

  • Those who are qualified by the World Ranking (they may come or not)
  • The top 2 of their national ranking (or the 2 that will play individual)
  • A list of reserves

  • Once the deadline passed, the organization can fill the tables to 24, 32, 48 or 64 players maximum (for Open and Veterans) taking the reserves, first round from those countries with no qualified by the World Ranking, then from those with one qualified by the World Ranking, then two qualified by the world ranking, and so on.

  • The FISTF Board may still invite some players to the competition.