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FISTF Champions League & Europa League

In Europe, after season 2010/2011, Europa Cup for Clubs has been replaced by 2 distinct  competitions: FISTF Champions League & FISTF Europa League.

These competitions have a new format since 2013/2014 as follows.

The present format of FISTF Champions League and Europa League aims to form a lasting structure of rules, which will control the organisation of the specific event and will ensure critical success factors such as the following: 

I) A strong competition which will always host the best Table Football Clubs, while it will also give to weaker participants the chance for a decent or even an antagonistic presence.
II) Increased interest for CL and EL from the part of participants (Clubs) and higher numbers of attendance, which will consequently lead to the success of the organisation. 
III) A bigger possibility for organisers to attract sponsors attention and to achieve better deals with service providers, which will ensure there will be no money loss and even help bring profit from the organisation of the CL and EL.
IV) A smooth running of the event, without indifferent games, exhausting schedules, tiring delays or long idle periods.

The major change to the format is that all participating Clubs will start on a common field and will be forwarded to CL or EL, subject to their performance during a combined group stage of the competition. As a result, all ambitious participants will have from the beginning the chance to claim their place in the CL, while the losers of the first phase of the competition will be given a renewed motivation to go for the EL. On the other hand, weaker Clubs who usually lose interest after the first 2-3 matches will also have the chance to be re-motivated by being transferred with a clean record to a less demanding competition after their first possibly disappointing results.

There are mainly two areas where the changes tackle in. The way participating Clubs are selected and the structure of the tournament. In the following paragraphs the changes related to these two areas are described in detail

Many detailed historic informations can be found on the English wikipedia of Subbuteo .