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FISTF Champions League

  • A total number of 32 teams at maximum will be allowed to participate in FISTF CL/EL competition every year. A preliminary qualification procedure will decide which will be the Clubs that will have the right of attendance. Specifically:

  • 1. The first 8 teams of FISTF WR (May edition) qualify for the group stage (see also 11.4.2).
    3. 2 teams (winners of last season’s CL and EL) qualify for the group stage (see also 11.4.2).
    3. The organiser (1 team) qualifies for the group stage.
    4. 2 teams at maximum from each FISTF nation may qualify automatically for the group stage. This may include teams from outside Europe. The respective National Association nominates the nation’s qualifying Clubs, by naming them nation’s Applicant A and Applicant B. Additionally, a National Association can also send a list of the nation’s Substitute Clubs to FISTF. The nation’s Substitutes list may contain any number of Clubs. The deadline for the sending of nominations is the end of June.