Voting for Board of Directors of FISTF

​As a result of a request by 16 of the National Association members of FISTF, ​voting for the new board of directors of FISTF will happen this week ahead of the Extraordinary Congress, using a new method of internet voting.​
This format will allow all member associations of FISTF to have a democratic say in the election of officials, even if they cannot be present at the Extraordinary Congress in Milan.

If you are a National Association delegate, just click HERE ( to log in and have access to the “VOTING” menu.

Here you can dowload the 10 forms of candidates : FISTF_BoD_Election_2017_Applicants

This internet protocol was developed after the Board acted on the FISTF Statutes: Article 9-6: It shall be possible for members to use absentee vote. Suitable technical solutions can be provided for such voting.
The current Board of Directors owes a huge debt of gratitude to Roger Trouillard for implementing the system, working closely with Horst Deimel, Communications VP.
Voting will be open from Tuesday 6PM (CET) to Friday 6PM (CET), with results announced at the Congress.
National Association delegates will be able to vote for a new Board of Directors through the Voting system on the FISTF website.
For more information, you can contact your own national association, who have all been provided full information on all parts of the process and candidates.