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FISTF – The Federation International of Sports Table Football is the governing body of the Sports Table Football worldwide. FISTF was founded in 1992, merging the European Table Football Federation (ETF 1963-1993) and the Federation of International Subbuteo Associations (FISA 1979-1996). This was achieved through well done negotiatons between the players and Waddingtons SSG Ltd. company.  FISTF lays down the Sports playing rules of Table Football. These are based on the original Subbuteo (FISA) playing rules and partially through the ETF rules, but revised in such a way to suit a highly competitive anf fair playing agonistic approach.



Table Football is a sport that is played by two persons on a playing board on a table measuring L=1400 mm x W=1000 mm. The playing surface is L=1200 mm x W=750 mm made of nylon or felt, material that resembles a pool table. Each player has 11 figures of 25 millimeters high over a semi-spherical base, weighted at the center of the base to ensure good stability. The rules are similar to the football rules but adapted to the miniature game. An official game has 2 halfes of 15 minutes each. The basics of the game is to flick (propel) a figure using the index finger towards the ball which has a 21 mm diameter, and progressing up on the pitch to score a goal.
The  Sports Table Football Wikipedia site  with information about the sport.


The playing field.       
The Goal.    
The figure.
The extra Goalkeeper.    
The Goalkeeper with handle.
The Ball. 
The flicking way.



Player  The single player of any gender, colour or age. 
Club teams  4 per playing team, 6-8 per squad, Team Captain.
Team  Club Teams, Club ‘B’ Teams, National Teams, Youth teams.
Categories  Open  —  Veterans  —  Ladies  —  Youth  are  U19,   U15,   U12.
Setup time  2-3 minutes before the Match begins. Including polishing and figures setup.
Playing time  2 x 15 minute periods, 1 x 10-minute extra-time Period , 1 x 10 min. Golden Goal decision.
Random chance  Low. —  A little bit of luck allways needed
Skill(s) required  Dexterity, tactics, accuracy, concentration, flexibility, fast reactions,

 Body and mental fitness is highly required. A competition has individual and team events on seperat two days,   normally Saterday and Sunday, in which up to 10 hours playing and refereeing time is possible.

 Main competitions   have  up to 7 matches per day, starting at 08.30 in the morning and the Final at 18.30 or later.   Depends on extra time   in  nock-out rounds (phase) and logistic delays.


 Travel distances and time can be long and tough, as for every other sport world wide.  No matter per perpedes,   bicycle, motorbike, car, train or aeroplane. Fitness is required. Travel  bookings by yourself.

Hotel  Hotels have to be booked by yourself for all events.


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Mission Statement  THE FISTF

To promote sport table football in all possible ways.

To endorse the organization of sport events for all levels worldwide.

To develop friendly relationships among officials and players of different National Associations.

To manage the growth of the discipline at a global level taking all the statutory and regulatory decisions at a sporting, financial and administrative level.

To organise and promote competitions that fit the needs of all players, the “next door” hobby player, the game player and the Elite player.


Help each domestic National Association (MNA), Clubs and single players, to develop, grow, become better structured through dedicated tool kits, such as: Training kits, effective advertising materials, flyers, demos, attracting sponsors, media coverage.

Promote the sport in various ways such as promotional videos, public-facing, exhibitions, FISTF website with global coverage, to ensure a high level of fair play and watch over the respect of FISTF statutes and regulations.

To settle and adjudicate any controversy, dispute or claim arising among individuals or National Associations by enacting statutory, regulatory or otherwise appropriate measures.

To ensure organised structure for development for Table Football through out the World.

To Identify, get on board and nurture male and female players of all ages, all ambition. Participation at football training events, partnership with Football organisations and youth clubs.

Controling equipment design and evolution (production) and ensure approved equipment is ready and available internationally. 

Controling sports playing rules and precise referee skills.



FISTF Presidents

Position Name Nation Elected Election Period
1  Laurent Garnier France France Elected  May 1992-1994, 1994-1996
2  Raymond Kroonberg Belgium Belgium Commissarial  1996-1998
3  David Baxter Scotland Scotland
Elected  1998-2000, 2000-2002
4  Vincent Coppenolle Belgium Belgium Elected  2002-2006, 2006-2008, 2008-2010
5  Silvio Catania Malta Malta Elected  March 2010 – January 2011
6  Piero Capponi Spain Spain Elected  January 2011 – October 2011
7  Laurent Garnier France France ad interim  November 2011 – 2013
8  Luís Horta PortugalPortugal Elected  2013 – 2014
9  Alan Collins England England ad interim  2014 – October 2017
10  Fred Vulpes Germany Germany ad interim  November 2017
11  Stephen Dettre Australia Australia Elected  December 2017 – September 2020


 Laurant Garnier
 May 1992-1994, 1994-1996
 Raymond Kroonberg
 1996 – 1998
 David Baxter                                       1998-2000, 2000-2002
 Vincent Coppenolle                             2002-2006, 2006-2008, 2008-2010
 Silvio Catania
 March 2010 – January 2011
 Piero Capponi
 January 2011 – October 2011
 Laurant Garnier
 November 2011 – 2013
 Luis Horta
 2013 – 2014
 Alan Collins
2014 – October 2017
 Fred Vulpes  
November 2017
 Steve Dettre  
December  2017 – 2020


FISTF Corporate identity

The FISTF Logo is in ownership of FISTF and all its Members, MNA and MNAP..
The FISTF Logo shall not be altered or changed. The Figure, ball, base nor FISTF letters.
The FISTF can be used in grey shades or in white with other background colour.
Every member and club is allowed to use it for promotion and marketing purposes.
The three official colours are  Red.  Black.  Green.   (RGB definition follows)
 The new Logo valid from the World Cup 2017 and onwards.

 Please use for promotion and marketing

 The old logo used for 25 years from 1992 – 2017.
  Please do not use it anymore.





FISTF Documents.

  Document name
 The FISTF Statutes.
 Constitution 2003.  –>  New version coming 2020
 2003 > 2020
 The FISTF Sports playing rules.
 The sports playing rules. 
 The FISTF Handbook.
 for general organisation, regulation and understanding.
 The FISTF Organisation Guide.
  for competitions (events)
 The FISTF Homologation Guide.
  for playing equipment. (manufacturer)
 The FISTF Disciplinary Regulation.
  Code of conduct. Fair play.
 The FISTF Internet voting poll regulation.
  Democratic elections & resolution voting.
 The FISTF Pyramid. 
  from FISTF to the single player.
 2019  NEW 
 The FISTF Certificates. Diploma.
  Membership-MNA. Training Centres – Clubs. Homologation – Products.
 The FISTF History, Heritage & Archive.
  Results, Reports, Photos, Knowledge.
 The FISTF Form system.
  Forms for Administration. Applications, Registration. Data.
The  FISTF Wikipedia site  with all champions listet  (F-HHA).


FISTF Impressum.

 Fédération Internationale de Sport Football de Table (FISTF)    Bank
 Federation Internationale Sport Tabel Football (FISTF)    Targobank AG & Co. KGaA
 Maison des Associations d’Amiens-Métropole    Kasernenstrasse Nr. 10
 12, rue Frédéric Petit    D-40213 Düsseldorf, Germany
 F – 80000 Amiens, France    IBAN code:   DE35 3002 0900 5390 2350 28
 President: Mr Stephen Dettre, Australia    BIC/Swift:   CMCIDDED
 Association Register No./Nr.: W941004017    Paypal information : EMAIL
 Founded / established / établi / gegründet  / fondato / fundado 1992    EMAIL
FISTF,  The Board of Directors.
Last update:  2019-11-11