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FISTF – The Federation International of Sports Table Football is the governing body of the Sports Table Football worldwide. FISTF was founded in 16th June 1992 in Hamburg (Germany), merging the European Tablesoccer (Football) Federation (ETF 1963-1993) and the Federation of International Subbuteo Associations (FISA 1979-1996). This was achieved through well done negotiatons between the players and Waddingtons SSG Ltd. company.  FISTF lays down the Sports playing rules of Table Football. These are based on the original Subbuteo (Subbuteo Sports Games (SSG), FISA) playing rules and partially through the ETF rules, but revised in such a way to suit a highly competitive and fair playing agonistic approach. The players wanted to have a democratic World Federation and be involved in the development of the sports game. The first Board of Directors were agreed on in 1992, the first edition of FISTF Statutes written and FISTF was registered in Paris, France, as an official club (Association) but named Federation as a governing world body. In the playing rules technical data were specified to define the legal playing materials, such as playing figures (from 1929 untill today), goalkeepers, goals, balls and playing area.

     Left: Preliminary meeting to create FISTF

Back: Willi Hofmann (SUI), Gary Hosie (AUS), Jean Poivre (BEL), Eric Naszalyi (FRA), Franz Hipfinger (BEL), Ole Madsen (DEN), Frits Vendebaek  (DEN)

Front row: Trevor Spencer (ENG), Laurent Garnier (FRA), Alan Cook (ENG), Victor Mule (MLT), Bob McGiffen † (SCO), Joseph Debono (MLT)


Table Football is a sport that is played by two persons on a playing board on a table measuring L=1400 mm x W=1000 mm. The playing surface is L=1200 mm x W=750 mm made of nylon or felt, material that resembles a pool table. Each player has 11 figures of 25 millimeters high over a semi-spherical base, weighted at the center of the base to ensure good stability. The rules are similar to the football rules but adapted to the miniature game. An official game has 2 halfes of 15 minutes each. The basics of the game is to flick (propel) a figure using the index finger towards the ball which has a 21 mm diameter, and progressing up on the pitch to score a goal.

FISTF Presidents

PositionNameNationElectedElection Period
1Laurent GarnierFrance FranceElectedMay 1992-1994, 1994-1996
2Raymond KroonbergBelgium BelgiumCommissarial1996-1998
3David BaxterScotland ScotlandElected1998-2000, 2000-2002
4Vincent CoppenolleBelgium BelgiumElected2002-2006, 2006-2008, 2008-2010
5Silvio CataniaMalta MaltaElectedMarch 2010 – January 2011
6Piero CapponiSpain SpainElectedJanuary 2011 – October 2011
7Laurent GarnierFrance Francead interimNovember 2011 – 2013
8Luís HortaPortugal PortugalElected2013 – 2014
9Alan CollinsEngland Englandad interim2014 – October 2017
10Fred VulpesGermany Germanyad interimNovember 2017
11Stephen DettreAustralia AustraliaElectedDecember 2017 – September 2020
FISTF,  The Board of Directors.

Last update:  2019-11-11