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Sports Table Football

Table Football is a sport that is played by two persons on a playing table measuring 1.00 m x 1.50 m.

The playing surface is made of nylon or felt, material that resembles a pool table
Each player has 11 figures of 2 centimeters high over a semi-spherical base, weighted at the center of the base to ensure good stability.

The rules are similar to the football rules but adapted to the miniature game. An official game has 2 halves of 15 minutes each.

The basics of the game is to propel a figure using the index finger to the ball, which has 2 cm diameter, and progressing up on the pitch to score a goal.

The F.I.S.T.F.

F.I.S.T.F – Federation International of Sports Table Football is the governing body of the Sports Table Football worldwide. FISTF was founded in 1992.

FISTF lays down the Sports rules of Table Football. These are based on the original Subbuteo rules, but revised in such a way to suit a highly competitive, agonistic approach.

The aims of FISTF are:

  • To promote sport table football in all possible ways.
  • To endorse the organization of sport events worldwide.
  • To develop friendly relationships among officials and players of different National Associations
  • To manage the growth of the discipline at a global level taking all the statutory and regulatory decisions at a sporting, financial and administrative level.
  • To ensure a high level of fair play and watch over the respect of FISTF statutes and regulations.
  • To settle and adjudicate any controversy, dispute or claim arising among individuals or National Associations by enacting statutory, regulatory or otherwise appropriate measures.