Disciplinary Sanction Announcement

FiSTF Disciplinary Council

On 27th March 2019, a complaint was sent to the FISTF Board by Mr Brian Daley (ENG0089) acting as a referee in the final of the Veterans category at the English GP on 23rd March 2019 between Chris Angelinas (GRE0142) and Daniel Scheen (BEL0148).

This complaint was then referred to the FISTF Disciplinary Council.

In summary, Mr Daley’s complaint was that Mr Scheen had breached FISTF regulations on player behaviour, specifically: (c) Criticize or influence the referee’s decisions
             (d) The use of insulting or harmful comments towards the match referee

The FISTF Disciplinary Council has spent some time investigating the incident in question, including input from participants on the day.

The FISTF Disciplinary Council has ruled that player Scheen’s conduct, consisting of abuse, insulting comments and gestures towards the match referee, was not acceptable.

“We as a Council, and as a playing community, must act decisively to send out a message that such conduct is not to be tolerated towards referees. Especially by senior players when there are young players present,“ the Disciplinary Council has stated. As a result, the FISTF Disciplinary Council has ruled:

      1) Mr Scheen must send a written apology by either letter or email to Mr Daley, for his behavior.
      2) Mr Scheen is penalised with the loss of all points gained from the English GP Veterans event.
      3) Mr Scheen is warned that repeat offences will be dealt with more harshly.

As per the current FISTF Handbook, either party may lodge an appeal.

Signed by the FISTF Disciplinary Council
July 24, 2019