Did you know? – Edition 7. EÖTV 17th Nov. 1973

46 Years  – EÖTV 1973-2019

Happy Birthday – EÖTV 17th November 1973 – 2019. The EÖTV is now 46 years young and still moving well on. An original association which has never changed it’s name from day 1. The First Austrian Table Football Association (translation into english) was founded by Mr. Gustav Adler (now retired and in pension) and his friends from the Vienna Airport.  The austrian Foosball (babyfoot, kicker) table soccer union (TFBÖ) was not founded until the year 2000, therefore the EÖTV has the full right to say First.

The EÖTV Bundesliga and EÖTV Cup  started in 1973 and is still played today. The format has changed slightly for the ‘Bundesliga’, but the knock-out Cup is a huge tradition in austria without any doubt.

1976/77 season, saw the introduction of the Österreich Liga (Austria League)  for Clubs and was won by TFC Red Star Vienna, with his club founder Gustav Adler and Pavel Reimann (Austrian Champion 76/77 and 77/78 ) in the team.  Runner-Up was  TFC Wien West, the oldest Club in Austria, founded 10th May 1976. Only 10 days later the TFC Red Star Vienna was born, 20th May 1976.

The  Österreich Pokal  (Austria Cup)  for Clubs was introduced for the season 1981/82 and the first cup winner was TFC Wien West versus TV Hütterldorf, the Vienna West Derby match.

In Austrian Table Football the Club competition is very popular and the Austria League had its high in the mid 1990s, when two Divisions with promotion and relegation were played. In the 1993/94 season,  TFC Ebenfurth became 2nd Division Champions and got pomoted. 1996/97 Season was won by TFC Red Star Vienna.

Last updated_: 2019 November 06.