Stunning venue launched for sports table football

A brilliant concept came to reality on the weekend with the official inauguration of ‘Subbuteoland’, the dream of leading Italian player Saverio Bari.

Capable of holding more than 20+plus tables, the venue will become a focus for our sport as well as traditional Subbuteo in Italy, based in Emilia Romagna.
“This project was born above all from the passion for this sport,” said a very proud Saverio.
“We will be looking for partners and supporters especially among companies that produce game material or have an interest in our sport.
“I would like Subbuteo to expand and above all to be better known by children.
“The ideas are there and there are many, but they will depend above all on how the fans react to this innovative idea that is Subbuteoland.”
FISTF Vice President Stefano De Francesco attended the launch on behalf of the FISTF Board of Directors.
At the opening, the FISCT announced that Subbuteoland would be recognised as an official training centre, with FISCT President Paolo Finardi present, as well as greats of the game Edoardo Bellotto and Renzo Frignani.

Edoardo Bellotto, Paolo Finardi (President FISCT), Saverio Bari, Stefano De Francesco (FISTF VP), Renzo Frignani.

The venue will be self sufficient, with a cafe/bar and ability to serve meals.

All tables are served by scoreboards throughout the venue.