Huynh claims French GP Open 2022

After the drama when it was feared the France GP would not go ahead, Rémy Huynh claimed the Open title beating Fayçal ROUIS 2-1 in the final.

Rémy Huynh (2nd from right) winner of the Open

In the Veterans event Mario Camilleri beat Eric Threis 1-0.

Mario Camilleri – winner of Veterans

Irene Riviera (Centre) – winner of the Women’s event

In the Women’s event Irène Riviere beat Audrey Herbaut 1-0 as well.

In the U20, Corentin Bouchez beat Louison Giaux 4-1.

U20 winner Corentin Bouchez (yellow) and runner up Louison Giaux.

And in the U16, Francesco Manfredelli beat Noah Denne 4-0.

Francesco (3rd from left) with runner up Noah (2nd from left) and beaten semifinalists Charlotte Bouchez and Benjamin Marain.

In the teams event, Eagles Napoli beat SC Charleroi 4-0.

Eagles Napoli – winners

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