Facts & Figures: Players with most Teams winners medals

Some serious research has been done on the Teams finals at the FISTF World Cup since 1994.
As a result we’ve put together some facts and figures based on lists of players with most team winners medals.

Massimilliano Nastasi and Massimo Bolognino (ITA) have 12 victories each in the Open Category, followed by Saverio Bari (9), Daniele Bertelli (7), and Francesco Mattiangeli (6) – all of Italy.
Mattiangelli also has 10 wins in the Veterans Category, ahead of Stefano De Francesco (8) and Gianfranco Calonico (5) all of Italy.
In the U19/20 category, Luigi Di Vito (ITA) with 5 wins leads countryman Luca Zambello (4).
Luca Battista (ITA) and Paolo Zambello (ITA) have both won 4 titles in the U15/16 category.
In the Women’s category, Delphine Dieudonné (BEL) has 11 team wins, ahead of teammate Elodie Bertholet (9).

Combining all categories see Francesco Mattiangeli lead the ranking with 16 victories, ahead of Bolognino (13), De Francesco (12) and Dieudonné (11).

Marco Di Vita of Italy has a unique record: winning team events in three categories — U12 (2011, 2012), U16 (2013, 2014, 2015) and U20 (2017, 2018).

Others to win across two categories are Mattiangelli (6 open 10 vets), Bolognino (12 Open, 1 Vets), De Francesco (4 open 8 vets), Bertelli (8 Open, 1 U19), Luca Battista (ITA) (3 U20, 4 U15), Luca Zambello (2 Open 4 Vets), Juan Manuel Noguera (ESP) (3 U20 2 Open), Arnaud Nullens (BEL) (2 U20 2 U16), Leonardo Giudice (ITA) (2 U16 2 U12), and Nicolas Baccega (BEL) (2 U20 2 U16).

These lists are as complete as we can make them.
Many thanks to Vincent Coppenolle for his records, as well as Roger Trouillard, Chris Aggelinas and Francesco Mattiangeli  for his detailed updates.
If you have any more information and would like the complete Excel sheet, email us at