New Handbook Published for 2023

In the interests of openness and making all information available to all players, we publish here the correspondence sent to all Member Nations.

Dear Presidents and Secretaries
The updated FISTF Handbook for Season 2023 has been published on the FISTF website. It is available in the Resources section of the site.
This takes into account decisions made at the 2022 FISTF AGM, as well as small modifications made throughout.
All changes are listed in the Appendix 2 of the Handbook.
The Tournament Organisers Handbook will be issued shortly.
If you find any issues or inconsistencies, we would appreciate prompt notification.
Can we also take this opportunity to remind all MNAs and MNA-Ps that as of January 1, all changes to FormF20 must only be done through the Google Sheet. These changes can be made in an ongoing process.
We should note that in the Google Sheet FormF20, there is also a tab for Clubs. Please ensure that all licenced clubs are also correctly marked as “yes”.

As a note to all players: you must ensure that your registration with your national association is properly recorded. Your national association is your first and only point of call for these issues.

We also ask that all changes to your own boards be made through Google Sheet FormF01. Again, this can be done ongoing.

All transfers must still be submitted to FISTF via transfer through the web submission process, using FormF06.
This is mandatory for all International Transfers and optional for national transfers.
If an MNA has a number of domestic transfers (between two of its own clubs) it should use FormF06E.
Whichever form is used, it must be submitted via the website. This is to ensure the documents get to the correct people. 
We have found that in the past, emailed forms have been lost in the internet or not reached the correct person.
Also as on January 1, all event results and information must also be submitted via the website and NOT by email.
Any results which are not submitted correctly, or are not accompanied by the Event Organisers file will not be included in the World Ranking.
We again remind all nations that it is your responsibility to ensure your players and clubs are aware of their registration responsibilities with your MNA.
On behalf of the FISTF Board.