Kids of the Paris satellite are part of the future !

Organized at the prestigious PUC training center and under the watchful eye of the president of the French federation, Eric Naszalyi, Clément Bondi (Subbuteo Le Cannet Côte d’Azur/FRA), French U12 champion, emerged victorious in his category , in front of the “Pucistes” Gabriel Chiapetta, Isaac Brignon-Kiegl and Augustin Ledoit.


In Open, after having trained the young French guard, Jean-Marie Amberny (FTC Issy-les-Moulineaux/FRA) won the final ahead of Franck Dubreuil (Elan SC Champs/FRA).

The semi-finalists were Jean-Jacques Trichot (FTC Saint-Symphorien-sur-Coise/FRA) and Frédéric Bondi (Subbuteo Le Cannet Côte d’Azur/FRA).