Historical data project ramps up ahead of the World Cup

FISTF is updating and preparing a complete document on the history of the FISTF World Cup.
Original work done by former president Vincent Coppenolle in the document “FISTF Archives – Histoire des Coupes du Monde/History of the World Cups”  is being amended and updated.
For a start, the team, led by Francesco Mattiangeli, has added and double checked team members of all Team finals.
The next step is to rebuild data for all team events, including team members and reserves/substitutes in the matches.
We are calling on all members of the Sports Table Football community to contact us if you have old results sheets, newsletters, magazines and photos from the World Cups stretching back to 1994.
Use the FISTF website, ‘CONTACT > OPERATIONS & EVENTS’  and select Results as the ‘recipient’ .
All contributors will be acknowledged in the final publication.
You can see what is currently available in the ‘RESOURCES > OTHER RESOURCES > HISTORY HERITAGE ARCHIVE’ on the website.