Changes to the world rankings at the end of June

Despite the rigor and the requirement that I demonstrate, following an encoding oversight on my part for the “Under” categories for the Milan Major, the world ranking has just been updated so that the order of players qualified for the next Eland Cables FISTF World Cup in England is correct.

The changes are as follows:
Alberto Capoferri moves from 4th to 2nd position
Athanasios Kotrotsos moves from 2nd to 3rd position
Michalis Chiotis moves from 3rd to 4th position
Alberto Baratucci moves from 11th to 6th position
Apollon Dimakeas moves from 6th to 7th position
Gabriel Bento moves from 7th to 8th position

Lorenzo Fricano moves from 10th to 7th position
Angelo Bisio moves from 7th to 8th position

I apologize for my mistake.

Sébastien Scheen
FISTF Operational Secretary – Database and World Ranking Manager