Board of Directors & Executive

Steve Dettre


Australia Australia

Represents FISTF towards external institutes. International sports statistic specialist. FB & Twitter updates.

Fred Vulpes

Finance treasurer

Germany Germany

FISTF Treasurer & accounting, Invoicing, Admonitions. Payments, Budgets.

Brandon Lavender

VP Marketing  & Promotion

England England

Marketing specialist. World wide promotion of sports table football. Media. Live streaming.

Stefano de Francesco

VP Development & Education

Italy Italy

Support and development demands & concepts.

Daniel Matos

VP Confed. of America South

Brazil  Brazil

Takes care of STF coordination in South America.

Peter Alegi

Peter Alegi

VP Confed. of America North

United States USA

Takes care of STF coordination in North America.


We are seeking for you !

Any Board Position / Any Commission
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Vacant positions. Come and join us.
VP Special Sport / Disability
Vacant - If you wish to work in this Position, email to: 



Horst Deimel

General Secretary

Austria Austria

General inquiries. Main communication with members. Official notifications & protocolls. History, heritage and archive. Media support.

Eric Naszalyi

VP Sports Director

France France

Sports inquires, questions. Calendar tournament confirmation. Homologation. Sports playing rules.

Adrianos Dervis

VP Communication

Greece Greece

Web based information. Calender tournament updates. Posters. Reports, results & foto updates.

Tan Kok Wee

VP Confederation of Asia

Singapore  Singapore

Takes care STF of coordination in Asia.

Jason Pisani

VP Confederation of Europe

Malta Malta 

Takes care STF of coordination in Europe.


VP Confed. of Africa South

South Africa  RSA 

Takes care of STF coordination in Southern Africa.



VP Confed. of Africa North
Vacant - If you wish to work in this Position, email to: 
VP Confed. of Africa South
Vacant - If you wish to work in this Position, email to: 



Login Status


The FISTF Board of Directors (see left) are elected persons (single members, players) through the Member National Associations (MNA) who each have one vote. The MNAP (Provisional member) does not have a vote option.

The elections are held every 4 years at the FISTF Congress and the official delegates shall vote. Due to modern technologies, FISTF has introduced the FISTF Internet Voting Pol System (F-IVP) in November 2017. All members shall vote through the Login System (One Login code per MNA Baord of Directors) for elections and resolutions. This creates a fair voting system for all MNA's, who may not be able to send a delegate to a Congress, due to budget reasons or travel distances.

The 8th Congress is in 2020. A new Board will be elected for the period  2021-2024.

About FISTF Board members:  All board members are longtime players, experienced in organisation and administration. Several have been playing since the 1970s duriong the rise of Subbuteo marketing around the world. Each single member brings professional experience into his commitment for the sport.

Write to the Board

The FISTF Board of Directors welcome your letters. You shall suggest ideas, targets, inform us on mistakes, projects and solutions to a problem

You can allways send us your application for a board position which is vacant and help (support) the Board. Critics are welcome, but active support to resolve projects, work on contant, reports and more, are preferred.

Competition - pictures - reports

The Communication Director (see left) welcomes your written reports & pictures. Make your competition known to the entire FISTF community world wide.

Important are:

Name of the traditional tournament.

Host name of the club.   City.  Country.

Calendar dates.   Venue adress.

Valid E-Mail.    Pitch played on.

Posters to advert your competition.

Webpage of tournament or club

We recommend importance of :

Fill in FORMS perfectly

View download section

Application for tournaments

Registration of associations as a club

Democratic elections in your association

Association budgets for sustainability

Motivational projects to develop

Development in schools

and more...


The Board of Director shall build a Committee for his internal structure (Department) to handle the requested work for the National Member Associations (MNA).

Helpers and supporters are allways welcome. If you want to make FISTF a better world organsiation for the community family, then contribute your knowledge, commitment and you will have fun with success.

Read more here  Board and Commitee positions

History, heritage and archive

The history , heritage and archive of FISTF is important for the coming generation and for research work. The Committee for this internal  (Department) si to collect all data, results, Video footage, fotos, posters, protocolls, Congress protocolls, Board protocolls, interviews and all related work towards sports tabel football (aka Subbuteo),

All FISTF Member National Associations (MNA) shall be part of this world archive. Helpers and supporters are welcome to contribute knowledge.

Frédéric Perdaens

Operational Secretary

Canada Canada / Belgium Belgium

World Ranking  Transfers & Database management. Veryfing License and forms.

Roger Trouillard

Website Administration & IT

France France

Updates the WR on the website. Internal programms and settings.

Competition  -  Tournaments

The Operational Secretary (see left) needs the FISTF tournament results to add to the forthcoming monthly world ranking list.

If you do not supply results, your participants (sport guests) will have a disadvantage on other forthcoming FISTF world ranking competitions.

The seedings at tournaments are vital for every club  and single player.

The world ranking list is updated every month on the website. Example: WR January will be online beginning of February.