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Erster Österreichischer Tischfussball-Verband EÖTV
Austrian Club Registration Nr.:  Zentrale Vereinsregister Number: ZVR 375448593
EÖTV founded: 17. November 1973
FISTF Member National Association (MNA) since 1994
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Website :
Board Position Name E-Mail Spoken 
President Heinz Eder german, english
Secretary Alexander Haas german, english
Tressauer Alexander Haas german
Director Sports Heinz Eder german, english
Communications Manager  Daniel Vranovitz    
EÖTV Board of Directors Entire board german, english


EÖTV – Erster Österreichischer Tischfußball Verband is the governing body of Sport Table Football in Austria. Austria is divided in 9 regional counties (Bundesländer). The east counties are Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland. The middle counties are Styria, Carinthia and Upper Austria. The west counties are, Tyrol, Vorarlberg and Salzburg. The EÖTV has undertaken activities to create clubs in the middle and west region, which partially existed in the past.

The activities for such targets, are on the EÖTV boards to do list. The east region, around Vienna, lower Austria and Burgenland have always been the stronghold of the EÖTV. These regions have seen numerous historical clubs and new clubs are indented to be created or defunct clubs to be reactivated. The Austrian Bundesliga (individual) has been played each year since 1973/74 season with a promotion and relegation system. The regional leagues feed the 2. Bundesliga and from there, the promotion can be achieved to the 1.Bundeliga. Austria has 4 tiers. The Regional leagues are the 3rd tier and the Unterliga are the 4th tier. Young players can develop in a fine and good way to better there skills. Parallel to the Bundesliga, the Austrian EÖTV-Cup has been seen every year on the time table.


1973-2019 saw Austria at its 46th year jubilee, without missing a year on events and we are proud to say, that in each of those years we had players taking part in all ETF, FISA and FISTF events. Exception was the very last FISA event in 1996. The ÖSTERREICH LIGA (Championship) and the ÖSTERREICH POKAL (Knock-out cup) are the two main competitions for the Club Teams.

The Österreich Liga is the Grand Competition of the EÖTV, because Austrians love the team event mainly. Great Österreich Pokal (Cup) finals have been seen, with many great upsets and sensational cup victories. The way it should be in sport. The EÖTV is proud of all International European and World champions, as well as the victories of the clubs in the Champions League and Europa League. The strong historical heritage will keep us moving forward and around the green sports table football pitch. Presentation text by Horst Deimel, EÖTV.

Historic fact: The EÖTV was originally founded as the EÖTV, whereby the ‘V’ stood for ‘Verein’, which means ‘club’. The change from Verein (club) to ‘Verband’ (association) came on the 31st January 1978. Statement from the ‘Security Directorate Vienna’ which was responsible for club registration in Vienna (Austria).

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