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Australian Table Football Association (ATFA)
Australian Club Registration: NSW Associations Incorporation Act, Registration No: INC16006
ATFA founded: April 2, 1986 (As Australian Subbuteo Association. Name changed in 2016)
FISTF Member National Association (MNA) since 1994
Board position Name E-Mail Spoken 
President  Adrian Connolly   English
Secretary General Eliot Kennedy   English
Treasurer Nathan Urbaniak   English
Vice President Peter Thomas   English
Ordinary Committee Member Adrian Elmer   English
Ordinary Committee Member Giuseppe Tardiota   English
Ordinary Committee Member Luke Radziminski   English
ATFA Board of Directors English
FISTF competition calendar : FISTF calendar
ATFA – Australian Table Football Association is the governing body of Sport Table Football in Australia.
The Australian Table Football Association is a proud founder member of both FISTF and the Confederation of Asian Sports Table Football Associations (CASTFA). Alongside our friends in Singapore and Japan, we organise the biennial Asian Cup of Table Football, and work towards further interaction and competition for table football players across the continent. ATFA works to help players around the country connect with each other and play the game, both at a grass roots level and also in organising major tournaments and promoting the game through online, print, television and radio media outlets. It is also able to assist with finding equipment, both the original Subbuteo brand as well as third party companies creating professional table football equipment. There are currently clubs playing Sports Table Football (aka Subbuteo) in all the Australian state capitals as well as a number of regional areas, with players of all ages, from 6 to players in their 70s, male and female. Some clubs have a few dozen people affiliated with them, others are smaller.  If you are playing Sports Table Football (aka Subbuteo) with a group of friends, you can call yourself a club and we would love to give you all the support we can. So let us know. The clubs that are established are always more than happy to hear from new players, so get in contact with them to join in. Contact us via  the website, email  and Facebook page listed above.
Last update: 18 July 2024