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Dansk Subbuteo Bordfodbold Union  DSBU
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DSBU founded: 1989
FISTF Member National Association (MNA) since 1993
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President Jesper Staal Nielsen Danish, English
Secretary International Rasmus Lund   Danish, English
Treasurer Christian Emil   and  —>  Dyrekær Christiansen Danish, English
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DSBU – Dansk Subbuteo Bordfodbold Union is the governing body of Sports Table Football in Denmark. It was founded in 1989 by Dennis Madsen and Ole Madsen in the town Silkeborg. The two brothers, both in their twenties, had played Subbuteo since getting their first subbuteo game for Christmas back in 1972. In 1986 Dennis and Ole founded the company Denola Toys, with the intention of presenting their childhood affection of subbuteo to the Danish population – and, inspired by a visit at the 1988 European Championships in Brussels, not only as a game but as a serious sport.
The two brothers made an agreement with Jens Lega, owner of Lega Legekæden (a chain of toy shops), to promote the game at a national Under-15 championship in autumn 1989 with regional qualification rounds played in his shops all over Denmark and with a big final tournament in the head shop in Odense. These events, the first actions of DSBU, were a huge success with several hundreds of youngsters participating. Subbuteo was now on everybody’s lips: in March 1990 a national senior championship was held, the first Danish club, Lega Subbuteo Liga Odense, was formed, and Denmark participated at the 1990 World Cup in Rome. Both Danish national television channels (DR and TV2) were broadcasting the tournament.
Currently, we are making a lot of changes to develop Danish Subbuteo. Lega Subbuteo Liga Odense is the only official Subbuteo club in Denmark right now and all players are registered under this club. Odense is also where we have our annual FISTF GP/IO tournament. A new club is on its way in Hillerød near Copenhagen (Hillerød Subbuteo Klub) and this is where we currently recruit new players. The club, established by Thomas Petersen (Odense), Thyge Enevoldsen (Hillerød) and Hans Martens (Copenhagen), began its activities in October 2017 and we are slowly making progress. We have had a few unofficial tournaments already and we plan on having our first official tournament this spring.
We have created two Facebook groups for the clubs and lately we have launched the DSBU facebook page. In the future, we intend to have a DSBU webpage as well. When the time comes we will make Hillerød Subbuteo Klub official, having at least two clubs in Denmark. Currently, only a few Danish players manage to travel abroad to play tournaments and therefore it makes more sense for us to have only one official club at this point. With players spread to more clubs, it would be difficult for us to attend team tournaments. Also, we hope to yet again have two big tournaments in Denmark every year. One scenario would be to have one tournament in Odense and the other one in Hillerød/Copenhagen.
Last updated_ 2019 November 04