Youth Champions League


The Confederation of European Sports Table Football (CESTF) hosts a continental championship for clubs with youth teams and consists of three players (boys and/or girls).
Read Handbook 2019  -  Article 11.10 FISTF Youth Champions League (Page 33)
 Youth representatives of all the clubs affiliated to FISTF can take part in the Youth CL.  Each club can register more than one youth team (with youth players).
 Each club team will be composed of at least three players (boys and girls), belonging to the U12, U15 or U19 categories.  Each club team can play only with one U19 youth player, even if more than one U19 player may be presented per registered club team list (protocol).  If U19 players are present in club teams or regional teams, then these two U19 players must play each other.
Regional teams from different clubs.
Youth teams can also be entered into the Youth Champions League if they consist of youth players of different clubs that do not have their own youth team, but belong to the same region (County-UK, Kanton-CH, Bundesland-AUT, Regions-GRE, etc), that may join together to form a new youth team in the interest of sports development.

Youth players of different regions are not permitted in the same team. The FISTF Sports Director will decide on this in the case of a lack of clarity. Example: Players from Grand Est- and Normandy regions, Essex- and Norfolk County or Cataluna and Aragon are not possible to form a youth regional team.

 Team X vs. Team Y
 Team A vs. Team B
 Team C vs. Team D
 U15 versus U19.
U12 versus U15.
U15 versus U12.
 U19 versus U19.
U12 versus U15.
U15 versus U15.
 U15 versus U15.
U12 versus U15.
U12 versus U12.

Advert YOUTH CL in your domestic association and participate with a youth team.



 Host Club  ASD Bologna Tigers   Mr. Riccardo Marinucci  EMAIL
 City  Palasavena, Bologna  (Italia)
 Date - postponed  23. / 24. May 2020  Reason: COVID-19   Information follow's.
 Date -  NEW  to be confirmed  
 Youth club Applications   FISTF Sports Director   Mr. Eric Naszalyi  EMAIL


 Host Club   open   Mr. _____   Email
 City   open  (country)     Website
 Date  __. / __. _____ 2021  
 Applications  FISTF Sports Director   Mr. Eric Naszalyi   EMAIL

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