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Sports Table Football and Football Clubs

Several Table Football Clubs are cooperating with amateur or professional Football Clubs around the world.
This list shows that such cooperations are possible. The huge opportunity is given for FISTF Training Centres to develop our sport in a positive environment.  Please contact the FISTF SPORTS department for information. 
   Sports Table Football Clubs    Football Clubs   Country
 1.  Wolverhampton TFC    Wolverhampton Wanderers FC   England
 2.  Dundee United TFC    Dundee United FC   Scotland
 3.  Derry City TFC    Derry City FC   Northern Irland
 4.  CF Os Belenenses, secção de Futebol de mesa/Subbuteo    Clube de Futebol Os Belenenses   Portugal
 5.  Sporting  CP, secção de Futebol de mesa/Subbuteo    Sporting Club de Portugal   Portugal
 6.  SS Lazio Rom TFC    Società Sportiva Lazio S.p.A.   Italy
 7.  ASD Subbuteo Catanzaro    US Catanzaro   Italy
 8.  CR Vasco da Gama Futebol de Mesa    Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama   Brazil
 9.  AE Larissa TFC    Athlitiki Enosi Larissas FC    Greece
10.  Subbuteo Casale    Casale Foot Ball Club Asso. Sport. Dilettantistica   Italy
11.  AC Subbuteo Perugia    Associazione Calcistica Perugia Calcio   Italy
12.  CF Sassoeiros, secção de Futebol de Mesa/Subbuteo    Club Futebol Sassoeiros (Futsal)   Portugal
13.  SE Palmeiras, secção de Futebol de Mesa/Subbuteo    SE Palmeiras  Brazil
14.  SC Corinthians, Paulista secção de Futebol de Mesa/Subbuteo    SC Corinthians Paulista  Brazil
15.  Bangu Atlético Clube, secção de Futebol de Mesa/Subbuteo    Bangu Atlético Clube  Brazil 
16.  CA Bragantino, América FC,  CR Flamengo, Botafogo FR, Fluminense FC, Atlético C Goianiense, Goiás EC, Sport Club do Recife, Fortaleza EC, Ceará SC, Friburguense AC and more    These Football Clubs have ‘Futebol de Mesa’ as Button football, Sectoball, Toces, Chapas in there clubs integrated and offering space facilites for practice and storage of tables. Synergy effect at its best.  Brazil 
17.  Santa Cruz FC, secção de Futebol de Mesa/Subbuteo     Santa Cruz FC   Brazil 
18.  TV Germania Kaiserau, Abteilung Tischfussball/Subbuteo     TV Germania Kaiserau 1876 e.V.   Germany

Former cooperations

   Sports Table Football Clubs   Football Clubs   Country
 1.  Union Subbuteo Club (USC) Wuppertal   Wuppertal Sport Verein   Germany

Legend Abbriviations

   Abbriviation   Meaning   Language
 1.  USC    Union Subbuteo (Sport) Club   English, German
 2.  TFC   Table Football Club.  Tisch Fußball Club   English, German
 3.  ASD   Associacione Sportiva Dilettantistica   Italian
 4.  FM   Futebol de mesa. Fotbal de mesa,  Futbal de mesa   Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian
 5.  CF    Clube de Futebol   Portuguese
 6.  SS   Società Sportiva   Italian
 7.  TFV or TV   Tischfussball Verein (Table Football Club)   German
 8.   SC   Subbuteo Club   English, Italian, German, Afrikaans, 
 9.   US   Unione Sportiva   Italian
10.   AE    Athlitiki Enosi   Greek
11.   AC   Associazione Calcistica   Italian
12.   CR   Club de Regatas   Portuguese
13.   TSC   Table Soccer Club    English, German (used)
14.   SV   Sport Verein  (Verein = Club)    German
15.   TFK   Tischfussball Klub (Klub = Verein = Club)   German
16.   SE   Sociedade Esportiva   Portuguese
17.   Secção   Section, Sectiune, Department , Abteilung, Seccion, Sezione,   Portuguese, 
18.   e.V.   eingetragener Verein =  (registered Club)   German

Last update:  2019-11-10