Two wins for Carlos Flores in Naples

The first international Open of the season was held last week-end in Naples, one of the hot places of international subbuteo, in the South of Italy. The team event had a brilliant field of 21 entries and the level was very high. In the final, Reggio Emilia beat Perugia thanks to a positive goal difference while the game ended on 2-2. The winning team was fielding Licheri, Flores, Bari and Lamberti.

The individual tournament was also very open but despite of the presence of many top Italian players, the final was a Spajnish story and Carlos Flores finally defeated the new world champion Juan Noguera by an amazing score of 8-3.

The other winners were Marco Lamberti (veterans), Sara Guercia (ladies), Riccio (U12), Vezzuto (U15) and Ciccarelli (U19).